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There are many activities and exciting things for you and your family to do in Los Cabos. There is always something to keep you busy. Below we have included many of those activites, plus a link to additional information.

Fishing in Cabo San Lucas - No other destination in the world can rival Cabo San Lucas for the number and variety of fish caught year round. Cabo San Lucas is known as the "Marlin Capital of the World" and for good reason, more marlin are caught here than any other place. There are also many other species of fish here including sailfish, tuna and wahoo. Los Cabos hosts many fishing tournaments. They also have a fishing museum that displays all types that have been caught in the area. Read more about fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Whale watching in Los Cabos - Gray whales (aka California Gray or Pacific Gray) migrate here in late December to get away from the cold waters. You can generally see them most between January and March. There are several professional whale watching tours that depart from here on a daily basis. Read more about whale watching

Hiking in Cabo San Lucas - While you could take a nice long hike along any of the beaches. Hiking in the desert is by far the most interesting for any avid hiker. Hiking through the desert is best in the colder months or early morning. With a hike through the desert you will be able to see beautiful rock formations, landscape, wildlife. Read about other places to hike in in Cabo San Lucas

Golfing in Cabo San Lucas - Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos now have six championship golf courses, including an 18 hole desert course. Also, the PGA Senior Slam Tournament has been hosted here since 1995. There is a challenge for even the most experinced golfer. Read more about golfing in Los Cabos

Diving in Los Cabos - Los Cabos has some of the most people seas for diving. Besides the amount and variety of marine life. There are beautiful underwater cliffs, canons and landscape. Just a quick 2-hour drive from Cabo San Lucas, there is the only living coral reef on the Pacific side of North America. The living reef includes angelfish, schools of grunt, snappers, rays and turtles. Read more above diving in the Los Cabos Area

Mountain biking in Los Cabos - Mountain bikes can be rented by the hour or day in Cabo San Lucas.The desert area around Los Cabos and the old lighthouse are some of the favorite mountain biking areas. Los Cabos offer many areas of unique terrain for hiking and mountain biking. Local tour companies will assist you if needed. Areas such as the Sierra de Laguna with it's forests and lush valleys, the waterfalls near the town of Santiago, and the East Cape's coastal dirt road route test the adventurer. Bicycles can be rented in both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Read more about biking in the Los Cabos Area

Kayaking in Los Cabos - One of the most popular water sports is kayaking. Ocean kayakers can go to all lesser know coves which are generally difficult to reach for larger boats. The water along the coast line is generally calm making for perfect waters for kayaking. Read more about kayaking

Surfing in Los Cabos - There is surf year-round on the Pacific side, but the best surf for this area occurs April-October along the Sea of Cortez and the East Cape of the Baja Peninsula. The climate is hot and tropical and water temps are in the high 70's to mid 80's depending on the season. With over a 180 degree swell window the surf possibilities are numerous. The biggest waves occur between July and October when passing hurricanes to the South light up the Sea of Cortez and the dozens of known and lesser known spots along the East Cape. There is fun for intermediate and advanced surfers, although expert surf is rare except during hurricane swells.

Horseback riding on the beach - How can it get any better than that? Isn't it everybody's dream to ride a horse on a white sand beach? If it is your dream, you can do it here. There are a few good stables in Cabo San Lucas and all over the Los Cabos Area, that offer horse back riding trail rides. Read more about riding in Los Cabos Area

Fun for the whole family in Los Cabos and Cabo San Lucas - Dolphin encounters where kids play with dolphins. There is a pirate ship (the Sunderland) where you learn about pirate history, whale watching, snorking and there are ships with even waterslides on board. All of which allow small children.


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