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Mountian Biking in Los Cabos & Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas & Los Cabos couple bikingThe dramatic terrain of Los Cabos is
ideal for mountain bike riding. There
are several bicycle clubs and many
hotels that rent bikes by the day or
by the hour. One popular off-road trip
is to beautiful Punta Gorda, eight miles
away. Or a combination ride and hike
to the hot springs above the little
town of Santiago (one hour from San
Jose Del Cabo ). Important biking
centers include San Jose’s Trailer Park
Bicycle Club and, in Cabo San Lucas,
Tio Sportson El Medano.

Since there are not alot of paved roads
here in Cabo San Lucas, like there is
in the US, there are many places to go mountain biking. Picacho Salsipuedes,
which at 6,000 feet is nearly the tallest
mountain in the entire Los Cabos but,
you probably won't get to the top! There are mountian biking trails that lead up to it and that go up part of the way. That way at least when you are tired you can turn around and go back downhill.

There are many mountain biking tours available In Los Cabos , that include challenging uphills and downhills that require you to pay attention and break a sweat..You can enjoy a great view from the corridor and the surrounding mountains. It is probably best to check out a few biking tours in Los Cabos before choosing the best trail for you.


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