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Whale Watching in Los Cabos and Cabo San Lucas...

Each winter, the California grey whales come from Alaska to the warm waters of Los Cabos. From late January through March, these giants occupy the coves and inlets of the region. To best see these beautiful marine mammals, we suggest one of the whale-watching tours which depart daily from the Cabo San Lucas Harbor. The way to know when a whale is present is it will blow, the noise from this can be heard 1/2 mile away.

Cabo San Lucas can be very exciting for whale watching. While the gray whale is not the only species you will see, you will also sometimes see, the blue whale, humpback whale and sperm whale. Although the grey whale is the most commonly sighted whale around Los Cabos. Many male grays travel into the Sea of Cortez, as well as females, once their calves are mature enough to leave the sanctuary of the lagoon.

Grey whale in Cabo san lucas

The opportunity to pet whales is not uncommon but, to do that you have to travel to Magdalena Bay which is a more protected area than the waters off the Los Cabos coast. It is a completely different experience, there you will be able to interact with the whales and get much closer to them than in the open ocean.

There are many several local whale watching tours that operate right out of the Cabo San lucas Harbor. They generally operate daily excursions during the months of January to March. They will try to get you as close to the whales as they can. Also, many hotels can also set up a whale watching tour for you. Although you will see the whales passing by, most make their breeding ground in the lagoons and byas of Baja California Sur, such as San Ignacio Lagoon, Scammon's Lagoon or Magdalena Bay. This is where you can see them mating, nursing and playing with their young calves.


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