Best San Jose del Cabo Night Clubs & Night Life Guide

Best San Jose del Cabo Night ClubsYes, there is a nightlife in San Jose del Cabo. In fact, this popular destination has a slew of night spots that guarantee a fun and unforgettable evening.

While it lacks the rowdy nightlife culture of sister city Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo does provide a new crop of wine bars, upscale clubs, and local hangouts, all of which are alive with music until 2 or 3am on the weekends.

Customers who are more into bump-and-grind dance clubs and American music will fare better in Cabo San Lucas. However, if you prefer a more laid back evening, set your sights on San Jose del Cabo, which has been popular in recent years and is known for being less hectic than Cabo San Lucas.

But hey, this doesn’t mean it’s any less enjoyable! You will create wonderful memories here, trust us. We’re pleased to assist you since us night owls ought to stick together. Here are some of San Jose del Cabo’s top night spots that we believe you should check out.

Have fun! ¡Que te diviertas!

La Lupita Taqueria and Mezcaleria

  • Rated 4.5 stars in 1,074 reviews

La Lupita Taqueria and Mezcaleria has a backyard party vibe thanks to its rustic, mismatched furnishings, the aroma of sizzling tortillas, the apparently never-ending supply of cool beer, and the live band that starts playing as soon as the sun sets.

Everyone will find something to their liking on the limited but impressive menu. The traditional Baja fish tacos and a side of guacamole are recommended for the purist type; the more adventurous will go crazy for the duck tacos and the grasshopper appetizer. Local Mezcal, which you may drink as a shot or incorporate into handmade cocktails, is the other specialty item here.

Open 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM Tuesday to Sunday.

Tripadvisor travelers ratings:

Food: 4.5 *     Service: 4.5 * Value: 4.5

Mixology Fusion Bar  

  • Rated 5 stars (Excellent) in 19 reviews

Mixology Fusion Bar is a private club with a private address and exclusive entry that requires knowing the password for the evening. Mixology was founded in 2014, and since then, it has established itself as a landmark in San Jose del Cabo’s famed Art District. This location strives to create a setting where experiences occur and the senses are enticed, modeled by the Speakeasy of the early 20th century. To protect the privacy and identity of the place, memberships or passwords are required for entry to these hidden bars.

Open hours:

Thursday 6:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Friday 6:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Saturday 9:00 PM – 4:00 AM.

West Coast Tequila Co.

  • Rated 5 stars in 15 reviews

A common love of tequila led to the founding of West Coast Tequila Co. When owners Ivan and Edgar added a touch of the Pacific Northwest to San Jose del Cabo’s Tequila Tasting, their audacious concept became a reality. Free tequila samples are available at the distinctive tasting area, which also serves as a bottle shop with a focus on handcrafted tequilas and mezcals from various parts of Mexico.

Open 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM Monday to Sunday.

Dalton Gin Bar    

  • Rated 4.5 stars in 10 reviews

This patio bar in the city’s core offers a lot of personality and a wonderful view of the historic buildings. This is the ideal location if you’re searching for a relaxed hangout. Gin is the real star here. From Wednesday through Sunday, Dalton Gin Bar is ready to provide handcrafted drinks and exceptional service as live DJ performances play a variety of music, including pop, disco-funk, soulful house, and many more.

Open 6:00 PM – 2:00 AM Thursday to Saturday.

ACRE Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

  • Rated 4.5 in 1,178 reviews

ACRE offers a lively eating experience that is both local and international, laid-back and sophisticated. Its cuisine combines regional foods with those found anywhere on the planet and varies with the seasons. Enjoy award-winning handmade drinks in its creative cocktail list that are enhanced by ingredients produced right outside the bar’s walls.

Open from Monday to Friday 8am – 12pm

There are numerous reasons why everyone enjoys partying in Los Cabos, Mexico, where you can find the best for everyone from the craziest partygoers to those seeking laid-back entertainment during their vacations.

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The San Jose del Cabo nightlife offers a wide range of possibilities, whether you’re looking for a variety of cocktails or a fancy night out. Prepare yourself for an amazing evening in one of the world’s most gorgeous and stunning tourist locations.

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