Best Sunset Cruise Cabo San Lucas – Sunset Cruise Reviews

Get the most of your Cabo San Lucas vacation with one of its fun and romantic sunset cruises. You’ll feel Cabo cast its magic spell when you’re on the water as the sun sets, watching the building windows light up along the darkening city skyline. Cabo San Lucas offers varied options for dinner cruises to […]

6 Activities to do when it’s raining in Cabo

Cabo averages roughly just ten rainy days each year. A passing storm might sometimes deliver a lot of rain to the region, though this usually doesn’t linger long. If you’re traveling in August or September, expect some rain to fall for a day or two. Is there anything to do in Cabo when it’s raining? […]

Cabo Golf Courses Ranked

Have you tried playing the golf links in Cabo? If not, prepare for a dreamlike atmosphere where deserts, seaside cliffs, mountains, and green tropical oases all come together to create a stunning vista. You’ll wonder how you haven’t heard of these courses before. Only a few championship-quality courses existed in Cabo back in the early […]

What Should I Wear in Cabo?

When you pack for your amazing Cabo getaway, it’s a good idea to plan what clothes you’ll be wearing. This will prevent you from bogging down your luggage with unnecessary items and leaving more space for souvenirs to remember your vacation or take home as presents.  A bonus of planning what you’ll wear in Cabo […]

Cabo San Lucas Exotic Car Rental Options

Unfortunately, there are no exotic car rental companies in Cabo that will rent you a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Jaguar, or Rolls-Royce. However, there are places you can rent high-end, luxury cars such as Audis, Porsches, and BMWs.  Why not travel around in style by renting a luxury or sports car during your vacation in Cabo? Get […]

Six Best Cabo Excursions

The twin resort cities comprising Los Cabo – Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo – have attracted tourists worldwide for decades. The rugged mountains and desert landscapes, the convergence of the Pacific Ocean with the Sea of Cortez, and the other amazing geographical diversity of this region are transformed into various adventure-oriented excursions […]

Ultimate Guide To Golf in Cabo San Lucas

Are you thinking of planning an exciting golf getaway? Cabo San Lucas has become one of the hottest golf vacation spots in the world. Most people think of Cabo for its sunny beaches and great nightlife. Though both are certainly in abundance, you’ll also find many excellent golf courses, most of them with world-class rankings.  […]

Cabo San Lucas vs San Jose del Cabo

Many people think of Los Cabos as a specific city in Mexico. However, Los Cabos is actually a municipality in the state of Baja California Sur, comprising several cities and towns, with Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo being the prominent, popular tourist destinations.  Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo – […]

Cabo Yacht Charter Reviews

Ocean lovers in Cabo San Lucas who are looking to relax in luxury should consider renting a yacht. A yacht rental is a perfect thing to do if you want to explore the Sea of Cortez, take in a gorgeous sunset, go diving or fishing, or bask in the sun.   Looking for the ideal yacht […]

Six Luxury Things To Do In Cabo San Lucas

While stunning beaches, terrific nightlife, and great year-round weather make it a popular tourist destination, Cabo San Lucas also offers travelers the chance to indulge in luxury activities. It boasts an impressive assortment of upscale shops, fine dining, world-class championship golf courses, exclusive spa services, as well as numerous private tours and cruises. To feel […]