Can You Swim With Dolphins in Cabo San Lucas?

Yes, you can swim and interact with dolphins on your Cabo San Lucas getaway. This very popular attraction offers visitors of all ages the once-in-a-lifetime chance to swim and make friends with playful bottlenose dolphins. 

Dolphins have the same curiosity about us as we have about them. Swimming and playing with dolphins will leave you the unforgettable thrill of being up close and personal with this gentle, intelligent marine creature. 

Are there Dolphins in Cabo? 

dolphins-in-cabo-san-lucasCabo San Lucas lies on the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula where the Pacific Ocean joins the Sea of Cortez. The combination of various oceanic currents around Cabo San Lucas provides a remarkably diverse and abundant marine ecosystem that supports multiple species of dolphins all year long.

Cabo San Lucas Whale watching tours have reported seeing nine cetacean species (so far!) that are part of the dolphin family.

Bottlenose dolphins are the most commonly encountered dolphin species during the Cabo San Lucas whale-watching season, with two species of common dolphins coming in second. In addition to dolphins, there are other marine animals that visitors may encounter, like sea lions, sea turtles, manta rays, Mobula rays, and sharks.

Where to Swim with Dolphins in Cabo

Swim with Dolphins centers like Cabo Dolphins and Dolphin Swim Adventure are certified by the Humane Conservation program to ensure the proper care, treatment, and protection of dolphins. 

These facilities allow you approximately an hour of dolphin experience, with about 40 minutes of actual in-water time in their huge specially-designed pool. There you can enjoy fin shakes, fin rides, and even receive hugs and wet kisses from your dolphin.   

Contact us to start planning your vacation. Our trained concierge service will assign you to the dolphinarium that is nearest your luxury villa or hotel.

How Much is it to Swim with Dolphins in Cabo San Lucas?

Award-winning swim with dolphin programs conducted by professional trainers is designed to entertain and educate visitors of all ages and swimming skills. There are two swims with dolphin centers or dolphinariums in Cabo. Both facilities offer state-of-the-art features and amenities for the dolphins.

One dolphin center is conveniently located at the marina in Cabo San Lucas. The other dolphinarium is situated in San José del Cabo’s Hotel Zone. Its 40-foot deep water allows visitors to interact with dolphins freely in their natural habitat. Life jackets are provided so being an expert swimmer is not a necessity. 

Dolphin adventures are provided by various tour groups through booking.

  • Dolphin Encounter
    Price is $109.00 for adults and $89.00 for children
  • Dolphin Experience
    Price is $149.00 for adults and $149.00 for children
  • Dolphin Swim
    Price is $179.00 for adults and $179.00 for children
  • Dolphin Kids
    Price is $99.00 for children
  • Dolphin Swim in Cabo
    Adult prices are $179.00 to $189.00 and kid’s prices are $94.00 to $99.00. The tour is about an hour-long, with an actual water time of 40 minutes.

At the end of each dolphin tour, you will not only take home with you unforgettable memories; you will also gain a better understanding and appreciation of these marvelous marine mammals and their environment.

Book a Swim with Dolphins Excursion

Have you always wanted to swim alongside friendly and playful dolphins, or getting a wet kiss from one? Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We can help you book a family-friendly excursion in Cabo to create great vacation memories that you and your family will take home with you.

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