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Celebrities in Cabo

What Celebs Live in Cabo?

Los Cabos or Cabo offers unlimited fun, relaxation, and luxury.  This world-class resort destination in Mexico’s Baja California peninsula boasts year-round sunshine, amazing beach clubs, great dining places, and exuberant nightlife. It is no surprise that many world-famous celebrities head to Cabo to enjoy their share of its lavish amenities. Celebrities are setting their sights […]

09/08/2021 | by Come To Cabo Villa Rentals | | Celebrity Hotspots | Los Cabos

Where Do The Kardashians Stay When Visiting Los Cabos?

Fans of the Kardashian family know that these Hollywood stars are frequent visitors of Cabo. Over the years, they’ve traveled there for vacations, birthdays, romantic surprises, and photoshoots. Where do Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim Kardashian stay when they’re in Cabo? Do they stay there with other celebrity family members like Kanye West? Here, we take […]

11/16/2020 | by Come To Cabo Villa Rentals | | Celebrity Hotspots

Celebrity Hotspots In Cabo San Lucas

With its gorgeous beaches and luxurious party lifestyle, Los Cabos is a popular destination even for famous people. Actors and actresses, athletes, musicians, and reality stars come here to unwind, so your Cabo vacation just might include celebrity sightings like the Kardashians. Here are some favorite clubs, restaurants, and hangout spots where celebs go to […]

11/04/2020 | by Come To Cabo Villa Rentals | | Celebrity Hotspots