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Is Los Cabos a good place to bring kids?

Is Los Cabos a good place to bring kids?

Los Cabos is a great holiday destination to visit with your kids. Many local hotels have supervised activities for young kids, childcare services are plentiful, and there are numerous adventure tours which children of all ages will enjoy. For school-aged children, hotel kids’ clubs are generally accessible, offering entertaining activities like arts & crafts and […]

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Is there anything to do in Cabo when it's raining?

6 Activities to do when it’s raining in Cabo

Cabo averages roughly just ten rainy days each year. A passing storm might sometimes deliver a lot of rain to the region, though this usually doesn’t linger long. If you’re traveling in August or September, expect some rain to fall for a day or two. Is there anything to do in Cabo when it’s raining? […]

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Celebrities in Cabo

What Celebs Live in Cabo?

Los Cabos or Cabo offers unlimited fun, relaxation, and luxury.  This world-class resort destination in Mexico’s Baja California peninsula boasts year-round sunshine, amazing beach clubs, great dining places, and exuberant nightlife. It is no surprise that many world-famous celebrities head to Cabo to enjoy their share of its lavish amenities. Celebrities are setting their sights […]

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How Much Is a Private Chef in Cabo?

A Cabo vacation is the perfect opportunity to indulge, relax, and share tasty meals with your loved ones.  But when you’re busy going on adventures and unwinding with your travel companions, you probably won’t have enough time to prepare and cook gourmet meals, let alone make special arrangements for those with dietary restrictions. If you’d […]

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What Is Better: Cancun Or Cabo?

When planning a vacation in a sunny beach paradise, two premier destinations immediately come to mind: Cancun and Los Cabos (a.k.a. Cabo). These hotspots are both located in Mexico, both known around the world for their amazing beaches, and both brimming with parties and nightlife. But while they seem similar, there are some differences between […]

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Vacation Rentals In Los Cabos With Beautiful Views

Looking to own a property in amazing Los Cabos? This world-famous region is full of real estate options for you, whether you want to purchase a vacation home for yourself and your family, or invest in a villa to rent out to vacationers. Your top priority, of course, is to have fantastic views around your […]

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