Fully Staffed Villas in Cabo San Lucas

Whether you’re coming in for an enchanting tropical wedding, a romantic retreat, or a fun family holiday, we provide fully staffed luxury villa rentals in Cabo San Lucas so you can enjoy a relaxed home base with breathtaking views, lavish facilities, and first-rate service throughout your stay.

What are the benefits of a staffed villa?

When you stay in a luxury villa, you are offered plenty of privacy, space, and excellent facilities. It’s a one-of-a-kind holiday experience, and a staffed villa sets a higher luxury standard by allowing you and your guests to feel totally relaxed and comfortable during your stay.

You’ve come to Cabo San Lucas to unwind and enjoy your holiday. Your tropical paradise vacation is too important to waste time cleaning, shopping for food, making meals, preparing beverages and snacks, washing dishes, picking up after the kids, and other chores at your rental villa.  You need a break from all of these chores.

You may, however, have a fantastic vacation while also bringing the five-star hotel and fine dining experience to your luxury villa. Many of the properties in Cabo San Lucas come with a team of committed professionals who will take care of all of your needs so you can relax.

On-site chefs and butlers are available at a number of Cabo rental villas, ensuring that you’re well-fed and pampered during your stay.

Enjoy a carefree stay in a villa with your own private chef and butler

A private chef and butler are undoubtedly one of our clients’ most popular staffing choices.

A chef can prepare breakfast, lunch, supper, and snacks for you and your guests, utilizing fresh, local products to provide a unique culinary experience.

A butler’s responsibilities include ensuring that your meals are served, your dishes are washed, and your rental property is clean and well-maintained. By entrusting this team of friendly specialists with the care of your family and guests, you can be confident that they’ll be well taken care of.

What do they do?


For starters, a chef may relieve you of the time-consuming task of cooking meals and allow you to enjoy the region’s exquisite culinary pleasures. The chef shops for the freshest foods every day then prepares meals in the privacy of your villa, serves you, and cleans up afterward.

They work their culinary magic as you entertain guests with a customized menu and delectable cuisine. You’ll never have to worry about cooking again if you stay in a villa with a private chef.

World Class Cabo Vacation Rental Food Services


Before you even set foot in your rented home, the butler’s duties begin. They’ll arrive ahead of you to make margaritas, salsa, and guacamole and set out chips. They are there to provide an additional pair of hands with your luggage when you arrive. Once you’ve settled down, their real work begins!

Butler responsibilities include:

  • Tending bar
  • Service at the pool
  • Picking up towels
  • Preparing chips with salsa & guacamole, sliced fruit & vegetables, and other appetizers
  • Serving meals
  • Washing dishes
  • Ensuring that everything in the house is in working order (pool, sound system, etc.)
  • Plus a lot more!

Villas for Rent in Cabo San Lucas for Groups

If you’re after the best Cabo vacation rentals, we recommend staying in one of our luxurious Cabo villas, which are fully staffed and provide the most genuine Mexican experience possible. The following properties are ideal for parties looking for Cabo’s top chef and butler services.

Mantea Casa Cabo

Mantea Casa Cabo

Our villas are cleaned to the highest standards by experienced staff to guarantee your comfort and safety. At Mantea Casa Cabo, a beautiful holiday getaway with amenities that match any 5-star resort, you’ll be sure to delight your guests. For a more customized vacation, this fully staffed villa provides the services of a gourmet chef and butler.

A heated infinity pool with cascading falls, a poolside kitchen and barbecue, a swim-up bar, outdoor television, and beautiful ocean vistas are just a few of the villa’s outstanding features. The villa’s amenities include plush luxury bedding and Bvlgari bathing accessories.

Bahia Rocas

Bahia Rochas

Bahia Rocas is a beautiful 9-bedroom beachfront property on 12,000 square feet in the exclusive Villas del Mar neighborhood. This beautiful, traditional Mexican-style residence features a stunning beachfront setting as well as a variety of facilities for the entire family to enjoy. Two pools, a magnificent patio, and breathtaking views of the Sea of Cortez can be found in the outside area.

The villa’s amenities include a full-time butler, a chef who prepares delectable breakfasts and lunches daily, a golf cart for use on Palmilla’s three world-class courses, and access to adjacent tennis courts.

Casa Buena Vida

Casa Buena Vida

This exquisite ten-bedroom residence is part of a gated community on Pedregal’s Pacific side. Gorgeous sunset views of the beach and ocean may be enjoyed while relaxing on one of its many terraces.

A reservation at Casa Buena Vida includes your choice of breakfast or lunch. A world-class supper may be prepared on demand by a professional chef. Butler service is also available to assist you with bartending, dishwashing, cleaning, and house maintenance.

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