Is It Safe To Travel To Cabo San Lucas?

The Los Cabos region, particularly Cabo San Lucas, is known all over the world as a premier beach destination. Each year, millions of tourists flock to this area, including famous celebrities, all wanting to unwind and have fun. That said, there are things you’ve probably heard about Cabo that don’t exactly sound safe, such as crime rates and ocean riptides. And of course, there’s the COVID-19 pandemic dampening everyone’s travel plans this year.

So is it safe to go to Cabo San Lucas now? The short answer is yes, but with caution. Here are safety considerations you should think about when planning your trip to Cabo San Lucas.

Coronavirus Cases

Los Cabos was not spared from the coronavirus pandemic, although its tourism board was praised for its timely action on safety protocols. In fact, Los Cabos went to complete lockdown as early as April 1, and by June 15, it began a phased reopening. Most beaches, hotels, luxury villas, condos and resorts in Cabo San Lucas are now open, along with tourist activities such as swimming, sportfishing, and tours.

Cabo Safety Tip: Stay updated with coronavirus news from Cabo, and watch their case trends before you go. When you get there, keep in mind to observe minimum safety practices such as physical distancing.

Crime And Violence:

Unfortunately, crime is a real consideration in Baja California Sur, the Mexican state where Cabo is located. For the most part, the extortions, kidnappings, shootings, and homicides are related to the local turf war, so they don’t usually involve tourists who are staying in safe tourist communities (often gated) such as Palmilla, Pedregal & San Jose Del Cabo. Still, you want to ensure that you are protected, at the very least from pickpockets and other petty crimes.

Cabo Safety Tip: For the most restful evenings in Cabo San Lucas, stay at a hotel with ample security or at a villa in a gated community. When out and about, it’s wise to have a trusted companion with you. If you’re seeing the city on your own, have your concierge arrange transportation for you.

You can check the Mexico Travel Advisory to see updates on tourist safety in Baja California Sur.

Swimming Safety

Cabo beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world, but not all of them are suitable for swimming. Certain coasts can have deadly rip currents, fierce waves, and untamed marine life like jellyfish. Plus, only select beaches have lifeguards. You’ll definitely want to make sure that your beach is swimmable before you go into the water.

Cabo Safety Tip: Ask your travel agent or hotel in advance if the beach you’re going to is swimmable. If you’re exploring more Cabo San Lucas coastlines, always look for posted signs and color-coded flags onsite. A green or blue flag means the beach is safe for swimmers.

Advance research and thorough preparation are keys to a safe, satisfying Cabo trip. Apart from those, our top safety tip for traveling to Cabo is to trust only established travel agencies and accommodations. Knowing that you’re with professionals can take away your worries, so you can completely enjoy your stay at this paradise.

If you are planning a Cabo trip and have questions regarding any of our  Cabo vacation rentals, make sure to contact us and our team of professionals can assist your further.