The Ultimate Guide To Cabo San Lucas Restaurants

website creator One of Cabo San Lucas’ primary attractions is its incredible eateries and world-class cuisine. Because of its varied palate-pleasing dishes, visiting restaurants in Cabo San Lucas makes a vacation more exciting and appealing for food lovers. After all, who can resist a mouth-wateringly delicious meal?

Don’t leave Cabo without sampling its culinary delights. Below are some of our favorite restaurants to suit every taste and budget.

Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas

La Casona Steakhouse

Located within Villa La Estancia Resort and Residences, La Casona Steakhouse is the ideal venue for an elegant breakfast or an unforgettable steak or seafood dinner with friends and family. Professional bartenders will amaze you with their specialty cocktails and wines selected from their award-winning wine list.

Sunset Monalisa

Sunset Monalisa is only open for dinner. This special place treats you to one of the most stylish and romantic dining experiences in Cabo. It offers savory, world-class Mediterranean cuisine and excellent service as you dine with stunning views over the ocean.

Cabo San Lucas Restaurants on the Beach

Neptune Seafood

Chef Remby Rubio brings together casual Cabo flair and classic techniques to serve you fresh, juicy seafood dinners direct from the Baja shores in this venue right above the waters of Medano Beach.

Hacienda Cocina y Cantina

You can choose to dine indoors, al fresco on the terraza, or the crowd favorite “tables in the sand” in this romantic restaurant on Medano Beach. Enjoy your meal while taking in the views of the iconic rock formations at Land’s End to Cabo San Lucas Bay.

Cabo San Lucas Restaurants with a View

Sunset Monalisa

Carved into a cliff above Cabo San Lucas Bay, Sunset Monalisa offers the best view of the famous El Arco at Land’s End and unfailingly treats its visitors to a first-rate culinary experience.

El Farallon

El Farallon provides stunning ocean views and a charming ambiance. Though seafood is their specialty, their international, as well as vegan dishes, never fail to delight their clients.

Cabo San Lucas Restaurants Downtown

La Chatita Restaurant & Bar

La Chatita Restaurant & Bar is located in Cabo San Lucas Marina and provides its customers with stunning vistas of the bay while they dine. You might think the food and drink prices are high because of the amazing views, however, it’s quite affordable.

Las Guacamayas

While this restaurant takes pride in its superior tacos al pastor, its quesadillas are the local favorite. Las Guacamayas’ popular quesadillas chilangas is a Mexican-style variation made of fried tortillas and an assortment of tasty fillings.

Best Mexican Restaurant in Cabo San Lucas

María Jiménez

María Jiménez is one of Cabo’s most affordable Mexican restaurants. People looking for favorites such as tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, quesadillas, and chile rellenos make this their preferred stop. Mexican beers, tequilas, and margarita varieties are also available.

Las Guacamayas

Las Guacamayas offers authentic and reasonably-priced regional Mexican cuisine. This is a favorite among the locals and the number one stop for comfort food in Los Cabos.

Best Outdoor Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas

Los Deseos Restaurant

Los Deseos Restaurant serves savory dishes made with authentic Mexican flavor, flair, color, and tradition. Enjoy the traditional atmosphere in its air-conditioned, indoor dining room or its marina waterfront terrace that provides a beautiful view of the harbor.

The Office

This colorful outdoor restaurant is built right on the sand of Cabo’s Medano Beach. It serves lunch or dinner and boasts breathtaking views of the iconic El Arco.

Best Local Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas

Mariscos Mazatlan

If you’re after delicious yet affordable seafood dishes, you should check out this local favorite. It prepares great-tasting dishes, from spicy soups and ceviches to fish tacos and shrimp specialties from its fresh catch of the day. Traditional favorites like hamburgers, spaghetti, carne asada, and fajitas are also on hand.

Los Deseos Restaurant

Los Deseos Restaurant offers unique and delightful Mexican dishes in its indoor and outdoor dining areas. Take in the view along the marina’s waterfront as you enjoy its authentic meat and seafood dishes, salads, soups, and appetizers.

Best Tacos in Cabo San Lucas

Tacos Gardenias

If you want it simple and inexpensive, you need to visit this local favorite that serves Cabo San Lucas’ best tacos. Mix with the locals, and be sure to order the popular Baja shrimp tacos.

Sancho’s Sports Bar

Situated on the Marina, Sancho’s Sports Bar is a little bar known for its pink tacos, cajun shrimp boil, and a fun atmosphere that offers one of the best views in Cabo San Lucas. Stay for a round of Mermosa, one of its signature drinks.

What Not to Eat in Cabo San Lucas

The biggest health risk in Mexico is traveler’s diarrhea or turista, usually caused by eating contaminated food or drinking unclean water. Cabo generally doesn’t pose as much of a health risk as other areas of Mexico.

To minimize the risk of turista, however, follow these tips:

  • Avoid bad-smelling or questionable-looking foods, particularly street foods.
  • Pass up ordering raw fish cured in lemon juice (ceviche) if you have doubts about a restaurant’s standards.
  • Don’t consume improperly-prepared fruits or vegetables (like lettuce and tomatoes).
  • Drink only bottled water.

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