What Celebs Live in Cabo?

Los Cabos or Cabo offers unlimited fun, relaxation, and luxury. 

This world-class resort destination in Mexico’s Baja California peninsula boasts year-round sunshine, amazing beach clubs, great dining places, and exuberant nightlife. It is no surprise that many world-famous celebrities head to Cabo to enjoy their share of its lavish amenities.

Celebrities are setting their sights away from the Caribbean islands and eyeing real estate options in Cabo. It is so close to Los Angeles that it is just a quick two-and-a-half-hour flight either by commercial or a private jet.

Celebrities like the Kardashians have been regulars at Cabo for years. While they don’t live in Cabo throughout the year, they make it a regular getaway or a great place to stay warm in the winter. 

Some love the place too much to set up homes and business ventures there. From glittering Hollywood stars to business tycoons, Cabo is a second home to rich and famous celebrities.  

Celebrities Obsessed with Cabo

The influx of celebrities in Cabo likely had its start over a decade ago when Cindy Crawford and husband Rande Gerber invested in real estate in Baja California with long-time friend George Clooney. Since then, many big names in the entertainment and business world have moved to the area or have been frequent visitors.

George Clooney is completely in love with Cabo, being a regular visitor there for the last 30 years. He even built a luxurious beachfront home overlooking the Pacific Ocean, with supermodel Cindy Crawford and her husband as next-door neighbors. Clooney’s home was featured in a 2016 issue of Architectural Digest.

Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar founded and manages Cabo Wabo Cantina, a lively place famous for its live music, great food, and its own brand of tequila.

Jennifer Aniston is one of Cabo’s most frequent visitors that she has earned the moniker “Queen of Cabo!” from the locals. She flies into the resort town several times a year, often bringing with her an entourage of celebrities including her Friends co-star Courtney Cox. Howard Stern, Jason Bateman, Jimmy Kimmel, Justin Theroux, and Emily Blunt were some of her guests in a grand New Year’s Eve party she held some years back.

Will Smith visited Cabo San Lucas in 2018 and stayed at the Brisa de Mar villa which usually rents for $25,000 per night. He makes the most out of his vacation time by working out, riding ATVs, boating, and playing golf at Chileno Bay Resort.

Justin Bieber is a frequent visitor in Cabo, best remembered when he hit the beaches there with his then-girlfriend Selena Gomez in 2011, and again on New Year’s Eve 2018.

Between her recordings and concert tours, Selena Gomez has been vacationing in Los Cabos. She recently held a bachelorette party where she invited famous friends which include fashion designer Stella McCartney and actress Cameron Diaz.

Retired boxing champ Floyd Mayweather often travels to Cabo in his own private jet that has his name inscribed across the body. The numbers “50-0”, his boxing record, are inscribed on the plane’s wings.


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