Where can I get married in Cabo San Lucas?

The Los Cabos municipality in Mexico is filled with picture-perfect spots to hold a wedding. In particular, the town of Cabo San Lucas has plenty of beach resorts, hotels, garden venues, and villas that are perfect locations for saying “I do.”

Here’s an overview of these venues, and what you’ll need to get married in Cabo paradise.

beach wedding in cabo villasLocations For Cabo San Lucas Wedding

All-Inclusive Resorts for the Budget-Conscious

As a world-class tourist destination, Cabo San Lucas is home to numerous resorts by the beach or overlooking the Sea of Cortez. Many of these are all-inclusive, meaning they offer wedding packages and accommodation packages that make your wedding planning that much easier. These packages are also generally lower-priced than exclusive venues.

The caveat, of course, is that all-inclusive resorts are so popular, they are always fully booked. If you do get lucky and book a slot, chances are it will be a short one, as these venues usually hold multiple weddings per day.

Villas for Exclusive Weddings

Rental villas in Cabo are fantastic options if you want privacy and exclusivity for your wedding. Typically, these properties are booked as luxury vacation homes, but most of them are expansive and more than enough to accommodate a wedding party.

It’s easy to find a Cabo beachfront villa with a pool and deck overlooking the ocean, or a spacious garden that opens out into the beach.

The best part is, you’ll have the place all to yourself throughout your stay.

Rental properties typically don’t include wedding packages in their bookings, so you’ll likely need to set up the ceremony and reception yourself. The good news is that many professional wedding organizers and travel agencies partner with Cabo villas to help you arrange a fully customized wedding.

Farm Or Garden Venues for a Fairy-Tale Wedding

Imagine getting married in a tropical garden filled with lush greenery and sparkling lights. Or how about a beachside lawn wedding, surrounded by beautiful sunset views? Such a romantic venue is offered by some Cabo hotels and farms, and they’re a top pick for couples who want the dreamiest wedding photos and videos.

These gardens usually come with restaurant packages, but you may need to make other arrangements for accommodations. And because they are outdoor venues, you’ll want to make sure that you factor the weather in your wedding planning.

Chapels for Timeless Tradition

If you prefer to get married in a church but also want it to be an aesthetic occasion, Cabo San Lucas is dotted with chapels that are specially outfitted for picturesque weddings. These chapels are authorized by the Catholic Church (and some by other faiths), and many of them have rich historical backgrounds that add a layer of significance to your event.

Some Cabo hotels have chapels on their property and include them in wedding packages. You can also opt to rent just the chapel and DIY the rest of your wedding.

What do You Need to Get Married in Cabo San Lucas?

Apart from wedding preparations for your venue, decor, menu, and the like, you will need to accomplish some requirements to get legally married in Mexico:beach marriage in cabo

  • Both parties’ current passports as proof of ID and marital status
  • Both parties’ certified copy of birth certificates
  • Both parties’ tourist cards or visas
  • Names, addresses, nationalities, ages, and occupations of both parties’ parents
  • Both parties’ health certificates and blood tests, done in Mexico
  • Four witnesses for the wedding, who will provide their names, addresses, ages, occupations, and photo ID
  • If divorced: Certified copy of final divorce decree
  • If widowed: Certified copy of spouse’s death certificate.

You’ll notice that some of these requirements are to be accomplished in Mexico. A wedding coordinator can help you set these up, and you can complete them by staying two to four days in Cabo prior to your wedding.

The requirements above are mandatory for civil (legal) marriage, which is recognized anywhere in the world. Typically, a civil wedding is officiated by a judge, and the papers are entered at the local Registry Office.

On the other hand, you can have a religious wedding, which is a symbolic ceremony within your faith. This type of wedding will be subject to the requirements of your church or denomination.

A religious wedding is not legally recognized unless you also accomplish the requirements of a civil marriage. Some US couples choose to have their civil union stateside and then have their symbolic/religious ceremony in Cabo.

How Much Does a Wedding in Cabo Cost?

A destination wedding in a tropical paradise like Cabo may seem expensive, but there are ways to make it budget-friendly. In general, the total wedding cost in Los Cabos may start at $20,000 and go upwards from there. You can adjust your expenses by reconsidering your number of guests, finding better wedding packages, or exploring more cost-efficient venues.

Learn more about the cost of a Cabo San Lucas wedding.

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