Where Can I Snorkel in Cabo San Lucas?

snorkel-cabo-san-lucasIf you’re planning a Cabo San Lucas vacation, why not add snorkeling to your list of activities? 

Swimming its renowned beaches is great, but getting a little deeper into Cabo’s crystal-clear water to observe the spectacular wildlife is a truly wonderful experience.

Jacque Cousteau once referred to the Sea of Cortez as “The World’s Aquarium” because of the wide diversity of plant and animal life found in it. This means you will find a great variety of marine life to explore below the water. 

So get into your mask, snorkel, and fins and get ready to discover this fascinating world!

Top 5 Snorkeling Spots in Cabo

Before booking a tour boat and putting on your snorkeling gear, be sure you find out where the best Cabo Beaches are for snorkeling. 

cabo-pulmoCabo Pulmo

Los Cabos has several excellent spots for snorkeling, but many agree that Cabo Pulmo, which has the only living coral reef in the Sea of Cortez, is the best. This unspoiled marine preserve, located far away from the crowds, is an approximately two-hour trip from Cabo.

Cabo Pulmo has been designated by the Mexican Government as a National Marine Park. Two miles south of the town is Los Abolitions, the best shore for snorkeling here in Cabo Pulmo. Be cautious though, as water can be rough during windy periods. 

pelican-rockPelican Rock and Lover’s Beach

Pelican Rock, is located near The Arch of Cabo San Lucas, has a lot of water taxis crisscrossing the region during the day. While it offers unmatched snorkeling experiences, the water can get quite choppy owing mostly to higher boat activity during the weekend which causes a lot of turbulence. Make sure the conditions are right to ensure you have a smooth dive.

On the other hand, Lover’s Beach (Playa de Amore) has generally smooth and calm water for great swimming and snorkeling. It features an array of beautiful marine biodiversity. What’s more, you’ll fall in love with the amazing rock formations as you approach the location by boat.

Ssanta-maria-bayanta Maria Bay

The water of the lovely horseshoe-shaped Santa Maria Bay is shielded from ocean swells and is generally calm. This spot is nearly on every snorkeling tour boat circuit, but if you’d rather avoid heavy crowds, Santa Maria Beach can be reached by car or bus.

Santa Maria Cove features pristine water that is so crystal clear, you can see small multicolored fishes from a great distance. Santa Maria Beach is bordered on both sides by rugged rock formations which protect and shelter its clear water.

Upon arriving at the Playa Santa Maria parking, there is still a half-mile walk to reach the beach. Head southwest and you’ll reach one of the most popular snorkeling destinations in Cabo San Lucas. 

chileno-beachChileno Beach

The Chileno Reef is a snorkeler’s paradise. It offers clean clear water and incredible coral formations that teem with a wide variety of sea life including tuna, eels, sea urchins, starfish, giant manta rays, and many more.

Chileno Reef is also on the boat tour circuit for snorkelers, so getting to the spot earlier in the morning is recommended. There are no stores or beach vendors here, so bring snacks and water.

hilton-coveHilton Cove

Enjoy a family-friendly day on the beach at Hilton Cove. This attractively unusual cove is perfect for swimming most of the time. Notice the waters getting calmer as you get closer to the jetty. You’ll find the cove’s best snorkeling spot around the submerged rocks to the left.

The water temperature around Los Cabos starts dropping in November. If you have plans to snorkel, the ideal time to come to Cabo San Lucas is April through October.  

Enjoy a Snorkeling Vacation in Cabo San Lucas

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