6 Activities to do when it’s raining in Cabo

Is there anything to do in Cabo when it's raining?Cabo averages roughly just ten rainy days each year. A passing storm might sometimes deliver a lot of rain to the region, though this usually doesn’t linger long. If you’re traveling in August or September, expect some rain to fall for a day or two.

Is there anything to do in Cabo when it’s raining?

Because the area’s most popular activities are primarily outdoors, even an occasional cloudburst may ruin a holiday plan. Indoor activities aren’t that plentiful in Los Cabos, but there are a few options for passing the time on a wet day in paradise.

1. Shopping at the Mall

Shopping at the mallWhat could be better than a one-stop shopping experience while it’s raining outside? Luxury Avenue and Puerto Paraiso are two shopping districts with a wide range of indoor options. There are several jewelry stores as well as stylish clothing and garment stores to visit.

Ten movie theaters and a 12-lane bowling alley are located on the top levels of the Puerto Paraiso Entertainment Plaza. A video arcade and a fast food court including Burger King, McDonald’s, Subway, Dominos Pizza, and Taco Inn are also available.

2. Have a drink at the sports pub

Drinking at sports pubA few sports pubs are available where you can have a good time. Some popular places to visit are Coach Sports Bar, Cabo Lounge, and Cabo Cantina. You may get a drink, catch up on the latest football games, or simply unwind and relax with your friends here. You get all of this for a very minimal cost. Pizzas, chicken wings, cheeseburgers, and corn dogs are popular choices. Get Internet access at two computer stations, where Wi-Fi is free, and calls to the United States and Canada are gratis if you purchase beverages.

3. Visit the museum

Visit the musemVisiting the museum is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and history of the area. You can visit six museums in Cabo and the surrounding area.

  • The Museo de Historia Natural features astronomical and marine biodiversity, as well as seasonal exhibits.
  • The Museo de Cabo San Lucas, a natural history museum, exhibits the region’s history, paleobotany, geology, and ethnography.
  • Exhibits range from ancient to present at the Regional Anthropology and History Museum on Avenida de Montejo.
  • The Pasado Marina de Museo is a fishing museum that has preserved and displayed big specimens of tuna, sharks, and marlin.
  • The Museo Regional de Telecomunicaciones offers a fascinating collection of ancient television, telecom, and radio equipment.
  • The Whale Museum will astound you with its main crowd-drawer, an extraordinary 12-meter long whale skeleton.

The museum hosts events and cultural activities regularly.

Take a bath in hot springs4. Take a bath in the natural hot springs 

The village of San Jorge has a hot spring called Santa Rita. You’ll need to rent a car or hire a driver to get there. Admission is 172 pesos, so make sure you have some extra cash on you. Once you’ve arrived, take a dip in the soothing water and relax in the natural comfort of the hot spring.

5. Unwind at a resort 

Unwind at a resort

Most Cabo’s resorts provide stunning views of the coastline and surrounding scenery. You can be indoors and still unwind by using the resort’s varied amenities, such as the spa, massages, and delicious meals. You may also order your favorite drink at the bar and enjoy a side of chips and salsa. As you wait for the rain to stop, there’s nothing better than sipping a chilled cerveza and munching on some chips.

6. Enjoy the rainy weather

Enjoy the rainy weatherLast but not least, you may embrace the rainy weather. Enjoy a romantic stroll down Medano Beach in the rain, or strip down to your swimwear and enjoy a soothing plunge in Bahia San Lucas. After all, it’s just rain. It may be wet, but it’ll also be pleasantly warm. 

If it rains in Cabo, there are still plenty of entertaining things to do. It’s still possible to participate in activities such as visiting numerous museums or even scuba diving. So, get out there and see what you can. Don’t allow a little rain to deter you from having a fantastic time in Cabo. 

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