7 Unique Activities in Cabo San Lucas

7 Unique Activities in Cabo San LucasYou can find dozens of great activities to do in Cabo San Lucas. But what if you decided to do something a little different – something unique – this time?

Apart from visiting the major sights, you might want to find activities that not everyone you know has done when traveling to a new place. You can add these unique Cabo experiences to your itinerary to make your vacation a lot more exciting.

Gorgeous beaches and water activities in Cabo San Lucas are some of the most popular attractions. Why not take advantage of its distinctiveness that will be unique to your trip?

Crystal Clear Boat Cruise1. Crystal Clear Boat Cruise

Is it too crowded on the beaches? A Crystal Clear Boat cruise provides a more intimate experience. Board the transparent boat going for the renowned Lands End rock formations, where you will admire the famous Cabo San Lucas Arch. Other interesting sights include Lovers Beach and the sea lion colony rock.

You can see magnificent underwater vistas without getting wet while sailing on a transparent boat around the bay, and keep an eye out for unique fish and aquatic life. After the trip, you can relax at El Medano Beach, go shopping in the city center, or try tasting some tequila (optional). This three and a half hour tour costs $70.51 per adult.

2. Swim With Whale Sharks (Full-Day)

Swim With Whale SharksOff the coastlines of Mexico, you can find some of the world’s largest group of whale sharks close to Cabo San Lucas, so you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling with them!

Whale sharks are the largest fish in the ocean, reaching lengths of 30 feet or more. Whale sharks, although enormous, are actually good-tempered creatures that feed on plankton exclusively. They pose no threat to humans and are deemed safe to swim with.

An experienced guide, all snorkel gear, lunch, bottled water, soft drinks, port fees, and hotel pickup and drop-off are all included in the excursion. The cost of the full day tour starts at $249 per person.

Sea Lion Snorkeling3. Sea Lion Snorkeling in the Sea of Cortes

Swimming with the playful sea lions is the most entertaining experience you can have in the water, set against the gorgeous backdrop of Isla Espiritu Santo.  Snorkeling, bird-watching, and sight-seeing are also popular activities here.

In the sea lion colony, swim, snorkel and interact with these amusing marine mammals in the lovely clear waters of the Sea of Cortes, which, according to Jacques Costeau, is the “aquarium of the world,” with over 500 species of fish and other marine animals

4. Personalized Fireworks Display for Celebrations Big and Small

Fireworks DisplayYour outdoor activities in Cabo San Lucas will be brighter and more colorful with a personalized pyrotechnics display. Los Cabos Fireworks can provide anything from a few sparklers for you and your guests to a three-minute fireworks spectacle for the entire resort. Prices start at $995 for a 45-second personalized display, which allows you to select the colors used in the performance. Pure Cabo also sells sparklers with a three-minute burn time. They’ll even drop them off at your resort or villa!

Jet Skiing5. Jet Skiing in Cabo Bay

Jet skiing is one of the top water activities in Cabo San Lucas. During this private jet skiing tour, you’ll glide over Pacific waves at a fast pace on the magnificent Baja coastline. Speed past top sights including the renowned Arch of Cabo San Lucas. The 30-minute tours include a pre-departure safety training, as well as life jackets and guidance for first-time riders.

6. Save Baby Sea Turtles

Save Baby Sea TurtlesThousands of sea turtles lay their eggs on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas every summer. Over the next two months, the eggs and hatchlings will encounter numerous risks; it is believed that only one in 1000 to one in 10,000 sea turtles will survive to adulthood.

You may help boost the survival rate of sea turtle hatchlings by leading them safely to the ocean, ensuring that they are not eaten or killed by birds or other predators along the way. Once they’re in the ocean, they’ll face a slew of other dangers, but your assistance in getting them there gives them a fighting chance.

Underwater Sand Falls7. Underwater Sand Falls

Sand falls resemble waterfalls, but they are made up of sand that cascades down like water. These underwater sand falls are located in the Sea of Cortez near El Arco. They were discovered by Jacques Cousteau, a famous underwater researcher, who saw sand cascading down a vertical wall beneath the sea. The sand falls and the wall stretch for quite a distance, commencing past and in front of Lover’s Beach and continuing all the way to the marina. To witness the falls, you’ll need to dive at least 30 meters deep and have an open water diver certification.

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