Best Places To Photograph in Cabo San Lucas

Are you planning a vacation to Cabo San Lucas? Be sure to bring your camera, since Cabo reigns supreme when it comes to ‘picture perfect’ locations! Cabo San Lucas is the ideal vacation spot for individuals who enjoy pristine beaches, breathtaking ocean views, delicious cuisine, iconic landmarks, and the most magnificent scenery on the planet.

Take a stroll around Cabo San Lucas. There’s always something worth photographing in any direction you look. Take out your phone or camera. Here are some of Cabo’s most popular photo opportunities.

1. Land’s End and El Arco

El Arco

El Arco is one of Cabo’s most well-known monuments. This natural arch is part of the Land’s End rock formations, which are located near the peninsula’s southernmost point. You can’t go sightseeing without including this location on your list, and the best way to see it is, of course, by a glass-bottom boat excursion!

An afternoon on Playa del Amor, or Lover’s Beach, which is hidden among the rocks and only accessible by water taxi, is a unique beach experience.

2. Flora Farms

Flora Farm

This scenic organic farm is nestled in the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains foothills. Flora Farms provides numerous opportunities for personal photographs of lovely fresh vegetables and the delectable cuisine prepared from them.

Flora’s Field Kitchen serves cuisine that is organic, fresh, and locally grown on the farm and surrounding ranch. If you go, you’ll want to take pictures of the lovely and tasty meals for Instagram!

3. The Marina of Cabo San Lucas

Cabo Marina

A snapshot of the Cabo San Lucas Marina screams “living the good life.” Along the marina, you can not only observe hundreds of boats and gorgeous residences, but you can also stand close by the docks for a wind-swept photo effect.

It’s also right in the middle of Cabo’s nightlife! Mingle with the lively crowd with a slinky dress or an open dress shirt. You’ll never run out of photo possibilities because of the bright lights and late-night craziness. You can simply get there by cab and then explore the area on foot.

4. Cabo’s Arts District

Art District

Cabo’s Arts District is as vibrant and colorful as the locals’ personalities. The streets are lined with brightly colored buildings, distinctive street art, and various artwork by artists from all over the world, making it the cultural core of this dynamic city.

Around every corner of this arts district you’ll find cobblestone streets and quaint, local eateries serving traditional cuisine.  You can still have a flavorful margarita and watch the vibrant street entertainers even if you’re merely window shopping.

5. Whale-Watching Adventure

Whale Watching

There are plenty of opportunities to shoot photographs of whales from one of the many whale-watching adventure cruises that you’ll want to add to your collection of marine wildlife images. Hundreds of whales pass through these biodiverse waters each year, and magnificent humpback and gray whales give birth here. Sperm whales, minke whales, fin whales, orcas, and pilot whales are among the other species that can be seen. Even awe-inspiring blue whales, the world’s largest animal, stop through Cabo on occasion!

6. Capture awesome underwater images

Capture underwater images

Don’t miss out on the underwater beauty that Cabo is known for! Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, home to approximately 800 marine species, has been protected since 1995. It is known as the “Aquarium of the World” because it is the only live coral reef in the Gulf of California.

Another excellent location for underwater photography is Santa Maria Bay. You are free to swim among colorful schools of fish in this relatively secluded marine reserve. There are many snorkeling cruises that take you to the most exciting areas of the ocean.

7. Swim with Sharks

Swim With Sharks

You can brag about having swam with sharks and have great images to prove it. While scuba divers can plunge down to the depths where the sharks hide, snorkelers may still get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures.

Don’t worry, these cageless interactions are handled by experienced teams. Your guides will show you how to safely and pleasantly handle the sharks. Whale sharks are only present from October to March in this area. If you go swimming with whale sharks, you’ll get bonus points because these massive sharks make for a stunning Instagram shot!

8. Playa Las Viudas

While the rough shoreline isn’t ideal for swimming, the striking volcanic rock formations that dot Widow’s Beach offer you a photographic playground. It feels like you’re on another planet walking among the rocks, making it one of the most unusual and photogenic beaches along the Tourist Corridor. Make a point of stopping here to take photos or to walk down the shoreline in search of shells.

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