Cabo del Sol Cove Club Golf Course

website creator Cabo del Sol Cove Club Golf CourseAre you tired of the cold weather up North? Then come to Los Cabos, a golfing paradise with sun soaked greens and tees. Swing away to stunning ocean views, golden sands, and swaying palm trees.

Since its opening in 1994, the Jack Nicklaus Signature Cove Club Golf Course has been the standard of the Los Cabos golfing experience. Spanning over a mile along the Sea of Cortez, this course boasts four remarkable ocean-front holes, offering breathtaking views of the Pacific’s roaring waves. Please note that the Cove Club Golf Course is now exclusively accessible to members and their guests.

Course Description

Located on what Jack Nicklaus referred to as the finest golf property he’s ever encountered, the Ocean Course at Cabo del Sol made its highly anticipated debut in 1994. However, in 2019, the course underwent a rebranding and is now known as the members-only Cove Club. This transformation included the addition of new holes, improved playing surfaces, renovated bunkers, and vibrant landscaping to enhance the overall golfing experience.

The Cove Club stands as the focal point of a 1,800-acre resort community, blending seamlessly with the breathtaking desert scenery that meets with the Sea of Cortez. Determined to create a Baja equivalent of Pebble Beach, Jack Nicklaus skillfully routed holes across undulating terrain adorned with expansive sandy arroyos embraced by towering, rugged mountains.

The course seamlessly integrates with its surroundings, utilizing minimal earthworks to maintain a natural and unforced appearance. The result is a harmonious blend of craggy granite formations, sun-kissed beaches, and elevated areas nestled further away from the coastline, mirroring the charm of Pebble Beach’s aesthetics.

Cove Club stands as a rare gem among global golf destinations, providing golfers with breathtaking vistas of mountains, desert landscapes, and the majestic sea. The course captivates players as the vibrant green fairways contrast with the brilliant blue hues of the Sea of Cortez. Its layout features seven holes strategically positioned along the coastline, where craggy rock formations rise dramatically from sun-kissed, golden shores.

In late 2018, the breathtaking signature 17th hole was regretfully removed from the Ocean Course, making way for the construction of a beach house that takes advantage of the picturesque surroundings. While this change undoubtedly impacted the golf course, there are still numerous exceptional holes to savor, including the remarkable finishing hole which is often regarded as one of the top closers in the country.

Despite the removal of its scenic ocean-facing signature holes in favor of a beach club, the Ocean Course at Cabo del Sol remains an outstanding offering and unquestionably one of the finest courses in Mexico. Don’t miss out on this course while you’re in Los Cabos.

Hole-by-Hole Description

Here is a hole-by-hole description of Cabo Del Sol Cove Club Golf Course:

1st Hole – 436-yard par 4

The opening hole features a downhill tee shot, offering a wide fairway with bunkers on either side. The green, slightly elevated and with multiple tiers, is guarded by a bunker front center as well back center. However, missing the green still provides ample recovery space, increasing the likelihood of a successful comeback.

The tee shot calls for a long carry to reach the top of a minor ridge, revealing a hole that slightly bends to the right. Similarly, the green is raised with multiple tiers and is protected by a bunker situated in the front center and back center. Nonetheless, even if the green is missed, there is generous room available for recovery shots, providing a favorable opportunity to regain control.

2nd Hole – Par 5

This challenging par 5 has desert on both sides of the fairway. The second shot must avoid a series of strategic bunkers. The green is an uphill climb to the right with additional sand traps and pronounced undulations. Hitting the correct area of the green is crucial to avoid potential difficulties.

3rd Hole

This hole features a wide fairway, offering players a shot of approximately 150 yards. The destination is a long, slender, and angled green lying between two strategic bunkers. A longer drive requires avoiding the bunkers but enables a shorter approach, potentially offering a more favorable angle to the undulating green.

4th Hole – 555 Yards Par 5

The par-5 4th hole is a downhill beauty that drops towards the ocean. The tee shot plays to a wide fairway with a few bunkers and a palm tree on the right side. The approach shot plays slightly to the left, with a desert wash cutting through the fairway in front of the green. A pair of bunkers protect the front of the green.

The right side of the green has a bowl shape, so you can aim for the back of the green and let the ball roll down to the hole. The left side of the green is flatter with a smooth slope.

It is possible to reach the green in two shots, but the bunkers and desert wash make it a risky proposition. It is often better to lay up and hit a third shot to the green.

5th Hole – 490 Yard Par 4

The 5th hole at Cabo del Sol is 490 yards long and features waste areas on both sides of the fairway. The wind can often be in your face, making it difficult to hit the fairway. The approach shot is to a green that is protected by a lip in front. The distracting scenery can make it difficult to focus on your shot. If you can overcome these challenges, you will be rewarded with a birdie on one of the most challenging holes in golf.

6th Hole – 184 Yards

The 6th hole at Cabo del Sol is a beautiful par-3 that offers stunning views of the ocean. The hole is 184 yards long and features a rocky coastline on the left side, a pair of bunkers on the right side, and a green that is surrounded by sand. The ideal play is to hit a draw that starts away from the water and curves between the bunkers and onto the green.

7th Hole – 139 Yard Par 3

The short par-3 7th hole at Cabo del Sol offers an excellent opportunity to score a birdie. The 139-yard hole has a beach that runs between the tee and green, as well as natural boulders and a green that is bordered by sand. You might get help from behind or from the left as the wind from the ocean pushes your ball out of danger. Aiming just left of the bunker in front of the green with a scoring club will keep you on the putting surface if the wind moves your ball right and leave you in an accessible area of the green.

8th Hole

A pot bunker is in the middle of the landing area and a desert surrounds the island of the fairway on the uphill par four that follows the par threes for the player.  The approach then must cross a large desert wash with a green complex that, with its angles, undulations, and deep bunker, closely resembles the road hole at St. Andrews.

9th Hole

A 525-yard par 5, the 9th hole runs uphill to a green that is positioned on a bluff with a view of the ocean. There are bunkers on both sides of the fairway, which is somewhat narrow. In addition, a front bunker and a sizable rock protrusion behind the green provide additional protection. This hole is long and difficult, but if you can make the fairway green, it can be valuable.

10th Hole

Beginning the back nine, this challenging par four is a narrow hole with desert on either side of the fairway and typically plays into the wind.  The approach shot is crucial, too, since it must clear the desert and two extremely deep bunkers in order to reach the putting green’s tilted and undulating surface.

11th Hole

Here, Jack offers the traditional split fairway short par four with wonderfully designed distances and strategic options, along with associated rewards and penalties.

12th Hole

A 190-yard par 3, the 12th hole requires players to cross water in order to reach a green that is flanked by bunkers. This hole is a fantastic opportunity to practice your short game because of the narrow and challenging green. Your chances of making par are strong if you can get to the green in regulation.

13th Hole

Because this wicked hole is so long, there is nowhere to hide other than the green or perhaps the deep bunkers in front of it.  Any less-than-perfect shot will typically result in a double bogey by way of the desert or the tiny creek close to the green.

14th Hole

On this target golf par 4, you must keep persevering no matter how tired you get.  Failure to hit the relatively short fairway with the tee shot will result in disaster in all directions.  If overcome, the second shot must go through the arroyo filled with creeks and lead to a deep, angular green.  Right is poor, but short-left is a passable error.

15th Hole

Due to its wide opening, this downhill par five is the final opportunity for a birdie.  The rest of the hole will be quite reachable after a strong drive that skirts the bunker, at least when the pin location is to the right of the center.  Only a high shot can be used to attack the green when it is cut left.

16th Hole

This challenging driving hole features a lengthy forced carry, and a small landing area, with bunkers left and right.  The approach is picturesque as it descends to a green sitting on the side of a cliff above the beach that is lined with palm trees and cacti.  This is a difficult and lovely hole of the highest caliber because of the narrow green and bunkers on either side.

17th Hole – 447 Yards

On the 17th hole, where golfers tee off from an elevated box with a clear view of the fairway and ocean below, more beautiful views and exciting activities are in store. Cutting the ball over the cactus at the start of the fairway will split the fairway bunkers and exploit the left-to-right downward slope to knock the ball further into the short grass.

A green that has two bunkers on the left, one far from the front, and sloping terrain on the right that will throw balls into the seawater below require an approach shot that avoids these hazards.

While the shot-making necessary to secure a par is comparable to the surroundings, the amazing contrast of the green grass and azure ocean is sheer visual candy to appreciate. According to Golf Magazine, this unforgettable hole is among “The 500 Best Holes in the World” and serves as a great lead-up to the all-Cabo finisher.

18th Hole – 430 Yard Par 4

The closing hole at The Cove Club is a superb option and may be the best closer on the peninsula. With the shore and water bordering the inside of the fairway and the green lying as a peninsula to finish at, the fairway curves from left to right. Which task a player wants to face the most is entirely up to them.

The less of an impact the water has on your approach shot, the more you should be willing to play about with it. On the tee shot, stay away from the water, and on the approach, be prepared to deal with it more. The 18th is the perfect way to cap off the day at Cabo del Sol, featuring a traditional risk/reward layout and a breathtaking backdrop.

Meals and Refreshment

Along with two comfort stops on the course, there is also an Airstream trailer at the turn that serves freshly grilled Mexican delicacies and refreshments.

Tee Time Rates and Rental Costs

Depending on the season, green fees range from $315 to $385. Tee times can be reserved starting at 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Unaccompanied visitors have restricted access to the club.

In addition to the 18 holes of golf, the guest fee also covers use of the club’s restrooms, a shared cart, practice balls, and bottled water.

Practice facilities are open daily from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm (seasonal changes may affect these hours).

Thirty minutes cost $4.00. One-hour costs $6.00. One day costs $12.50.

$35.00 rider fee (requires golf attire);

Golf Club Rental Rates

Right- and left-handed TaylorMade M1 and M2 clubs are available for rental for both men and women.

7:00 am–11:50 am: $75.00; Junior Clubs: $25.00; 12:00 pm and after: $60.00

Golfer Feedback

Excellent rating on TripAdvisor with 588 reviews and 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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