Cabo San Lucas Spearfishing Charters

Cabo San Lucas Spearfishing ChartersAlthough spearfishing is an ancient form of fishing, it has been modified so that it can be employed in today’s world of fishing. Free-diving, scuba diving, or even snorkeling can give you an idea of what spearfishing is like. It is a must-do activity for those who love fishing during their stay in Cabo at a luxury villa.

Spearfishing Cabo San Lucas Charters

Although many spearfishing charters abound in Cabo San Lucas, two companies are worth mentioning:

  1. Spearfishing Baja
  2. Reef Spearfishing Adventure

For all levels of skill, these charter companies provide daily private and semi-private spearfishing tours in both Reef and Bluewater. It also offers a “rent a guide” service for clients who have their own boat, as well as customs trips for blue water or several days charter.

Like all other diving activities, spearfishing should be done with a diving partner. In any case, you will always be accompanied in the water by a knowledgeable guide.

Spearfishing Methods

1. Shore Diving

The most common type of spearfishing, shore diving, entails entering or exiting the sea from a beach or a headland. Spearfishing in five- to 25-meter deep water is something that divers are used to.

Because it substantially slows down your movement, professional shore divers advocate threading the catch to a float to serve as a catch storage. Spearguns and pole spears can be utilized for shore diving in particular. $175.00 USD per diver.

2. From the Boat

This method is identical to shore diving in terms of the equipment required, but the accessibility is vastly different. A boat or a kayak is needed to reach islands and offshore reefs. When there is such dangerously sharp equipment on the vessel, it is essential to exercise caution.

3. Blue Water Hunting

Because blue water hunting takes place in drifts, it’s no surprise that professional spearfishers prefer it to other types of fishing. In order to find particular sorts of fish, spearfishers dive in clear and deep water.

You’ll need breakaway rigs and multi-band wooden guns for this sort of spearfishing, but the rest of the equipment is the same as for the other two. $425.00 USD per diver.

So, are you allowed to keep the fish?

You are encouraged to keep and eat the fish you catch as part of the experience.

You can take your fish to one of the restaurants around the Marina and have it cooked for you. You can also go to the cleaning station where they can filet and vacuum seal it if you want to take it with you to share with your family and friends.

What’s included in the spearfishing Cabo charter package?

The following items may be included in all of the packages (depending on the season):

  • Private boat, captain, and tour guide
  • Freediving
  • Spearfishing and freediving equipment – spear guns, masks, snorkels, wetsuit/rash guards, freediving fins, float line, 3 ATM float, weight belts, RIFFE gloves
  • Competent spearfishing guide with you in the water
  • Food and beverages (bottled water, ice, Gatorade, and sodas), as well as ice for your fish
  • Photos with your catch
  • Lunch or ceviche (depending on the length of the excursion)

Bring whatever personal gear you want, and they’ll be happy to help you out if you need it. 

Best Spearfishing Spots in Los Cabos

Gordo Banks

Gordo Banks is a massive undersea mountain that is one of the most important spots in the area. It is frequently visited by predatory fish such as tuna and marlin.

La Paz

The best diving, snorkeling, and spearfishing opportunities are found on La Paz’s gorgeous white sand beaches. Pargo and other reef game fish species can be hunted on Cerralvo Island or Espiritu Santo.

La Aguja Rancho 

Due to the difficulty of access and the lack of tourism compared to the others, the clear, beautiful waters stay unspoiled. Because of the abundance of fish, the uncrowded beaches are ideal for spearfishing.

San Evaristo

This small fishing community in a harbor in the Sea of Cortez is home to a vast range of rocks, reefs, fish, and blue water activities, a true paradise for the avid spearfisher.

What you can expect to catch on your trip

  • Snapper (Pargo) – April-July
  • Yellowfin Tuna – July-October
  • Yellowtail (Jurel de Castilla) – February-April
  • Wahoo – after June, starting July.
  • Sailfish – after June, starting July.
  • Marlin Striped Marlin / Blue and Black Marlin – late June, early July.
  • Dolphinfish (Dorado or Mahi-Mahi) – June-November

We’ll make sure you have a great day in Cabo San Lucas’ waters

Are you having trouble putting together a wonderful spearfishing trip? Let us manage that for you. We’ll even show you the best spearfishing charters Cabo has to offer so you can join in our enthusiasm for the sport.

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