Can I Use U.S. Dollars in Cabo San Lucas?

Can I Use U.S. Dollars in Cabo San Lucas?Although Mexico’s national currency is the Peso, Cabo San Lucas and other places in Los Cabos will accept U.S. dollars (USD) for convenience.

Popular tourist areas, as well as shops, restaurants, and other establishments, accept U.S. dollars and major credit cards. Visitors will find that many places in downtown Cabo San Lucas list prices in U.S. dollars as it’s the principal form of currency.

Before leaving for Los Cabos, let your credit card company know where you’ll be and how long you’ll be gone for. When using your credit card, clearly indicate whether you’re paying in U.S. dollars (U.S.D) or Mexican pesos (MXN). 

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Where to Exchange Money in Cabo 

While banks have regular 9-5 hours for general services, you can only exchange U.S. dollars for pesos between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Traveler’s checks have a lower rate when exchanged, and there’s usually no charge for commissions on money exchanges.

Where to Exchange Money in CaboU.S. dollars can also be exchanged at a Casa de Cambio (money exchange house) that offers fast service and is open for long hours. To earn their commission, money exchangers give lower rates than those provided by banks or ATMs.

You can also exchange your money at your hotel or villa, although they give the lowest rates, so use them as a last option. You’ll get better rates at an exchange house, an ATM, or by using a credit card, but a bank provides the best rates.

Although dollars are generally accepted in various resort areas, we recommend using pesos during your visit to Cabo San Lucas. Remember to exchange some US dollars into pesos before leaving home for cab fare and tipping when you arrive.

About USD and Mexican Exchange Rates

Even though many establishments accept U.S. dollars, you won’t get the best exchange rates.

Banks, ATMs, or using your credit card are the best way to get a higher exchange rate. Withdrawing cash from an ATM when you arrive in Cabo San Lucas is recommended.  

Beware of short-changing

Short ChangingExchange rates vary from place to place. A common problem in Cabo, like many areas in the world, is the short-changing of tourists. This occurs when they pay in US dollars and receive pesos as change. A way to avoid this is to ask for your change in dollars beforehand when paying for items or services.

Mexican gas stations are known widely for short-changing tourists. Service is provided entirely by their staff, and most of them don’t accept credit cards. If you pay for gas or other services in dollars, don’t expect to receive your change in dollars. To avoid this issue, pay in pesos.  

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