Five Historic Sites, Landmarks, and Museums to See in Cabo

An unknown writer once said, “Never lose your sense of wonder.” Taking your cue from that, set your inner adventurer free when visiting Cabo San Lucas. Cabo offers an abundance of attractions to explore, mysteries to unveil, and new experiences around every corner awaiting your discovery thanks to a vibrant culture that is as rich and diverse as its illustrious past.

Here are five places out of many you absolutely must see if you’re interested in Cabo San Lucas’ famous places and colorful history.

El Arco de Cabo San Lucas

El Arco de Cabo San LucasAt the intersection of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, there is a naturally occurring limestone feature called El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, often referred to as The Arch at Land’s End, that cannot be reached by land. El Arco is one of the most recognized Los Cabos landmarks. Many whale-watching trips travel in that direction, or you may lease a boat from Marina Village, use a water taxi, or go on a day trip with your yacht.

Pirates used El Arco as a hideaway centuries ago when they would ambush and rob merchant ships sailing toward the west coast. The sea lion population that calls the arch home is another reason for its fame.

The Cabo San Lucas Museum

The Cabo San Lucas MuseumIf you’re interested in culture, this is a must-visit location in the heart of Cabo San Lucas. Examples of paleobotany, geology, anthropology, and several sea animal bones are on show at this museum. The massive whale skeleton outside makes the whitewashed structure easy to spot. Visitors to the museum may learn about the region’s culture and society, marine biology, and paleontology. The large fossil collection is what attracts the majority of tourists.

Cabo’s history is well covered in the museum. Interesting displays inside the museum provide insight into Pericú daily life before the invasion. You’ll find a fantastic collection of Pericú tools there that locals have contributed. Also, you may learn about the history of Spanish colonization and the pirate issue in the region of the Baja California Peninsula. Admission is free.

El Faro de Cabo Falso

El Faro de Cabo FalsoOne of the oldest structures in Cabo San Lucas is the abandoned Lighthouse of the False Cape, locally referred to as El Faro Viejo (The Old Lighthouse). From 1895 until 1961, this lighthouse, which was constructed in 1890, warned and protected sailors from the rocky beach. The building, which is now in ruins, is perched 500 feet above sea level atop a cliff.

You must trek three miles to get to the lighthouse from Cabo’s downtown. You may also get there on horseback or in a 4×4 vehicle. It’s worth the trip if only for the breathtaking views of the sea and the shipwrecks at its bottom. Also, if you get there in time, you may watch turtles lay eggs on the sand below. Your children will enjoy exploring the ruins and will find the shipwreck fascinating. You’ll struggle to tear them away if it’s turtle egg-laying season! Remember, though, to keep a respectful distance, lest any harm befall the turtles.

Casa de la Cultura

Casa de la CulturaThe Casa de la Cultura, a well-known local landmark in downtown Cabo San Lucas, features remarkable Colonial-style architecture. This historic building, which has a distinctive pink façade, has been there for more than 150 years.

During the Mexican-American War of 1847, the structure originally served as housing for local Americans. It is now home to a collection of artifacts dating back to the early days of Cabo. Moreover, the Casa de la Cultura has a theater that frequently holds live concerts and exhibitions.

Playa El Médano

Playa El MédanoEl Médano Beach is the epicenter of the March Spring Break frenzy and is constantly bustling. It serves as the hub of Cabo San Lucas’ social life in many ways. Two miles of expansive beachfront are lined with shops selling souvenirs, restaurants, bars, and rentals for various water sports. Go parasailing or flyboarding.

Tourists may take a water taxi to Land’s End or Lover’s Beach or have one drop them off at the marina. They can also rent kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, or jet skis. Or just unwind and enjoy the sunny weather and relaxed atmosphere. There are no lifeguards at Cabo San Lucas, but the ocean is incredibly calm, and certain sections have been cordoned off for swimming.

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