Is December a good time to go to Cabo San Lucas?

Is December a good time to go to Cabo San Lucas?The ideal time of year to visit Cabo San Lucas is a frequent question we receive. According to numerous reports, December is Los Cabos’ busiest travel month. Holidays and year-round good weather have made it a well-known vacation spot for many tourists.

The most popular times of year to visit this stunning place in Baja California Sur are in the winter and spring. This is a terrific place to take in the beauty of nature, from the desert’s golden sand to the crystal-clear beaches and glistening azure waters, particularly when the weather in Los Cabos is ideal for your Christmas vacation. But don’t let the thought of crowds hinder you. Even in the height of tourist season, you may come here and have the finest holiday ever.

Why Visit in December?

If you enjoy whale watching, the season officially begins in December when the whales begin to migrate to the warmer waters near Los Cabos. In the weeks before Christmas and New Year’s Eve, crowds begin to pour into Los Cabos, and hotel prices soar to record highs. Nevertheless, with holiday festivities, gastronomic events, and a ton of parties to attend, this is one of the lively times to be in Cabo San Lucas.

Overall, December is a temperate month with no extremes of heat or cold. Since the summer storms are already gone, you won’t see much rain. Due to the mild water temperatures in Cabo, swimming is still permitted during the month of December.

December’s average high temperature is 79 degrees, while the low is 59. Overcast skies are the norm. We advise bringing sandals as well as hiking boots, light or short pants, and a lightweight boating jacket.

Visitors to Los Cabos can anticipate sunny and warm days with cooler desert nights thanks to cool winds that ride in off of the Pacific. Despite all of this, there are still crowds throughout high season, particularly during the holidays and spring break. Rates at hotels and restaurants should significantly rise.

Popular December Activities

Year-round in Cabo, thrilling excursions are available, and December is no exception. You may spend more time outside, thanks to the pleasant weather, without catching too much sun. The numerous routes and stunning panoramas in the surrounding Sierra de la Laguna mountains make now the ideal time to go hiking there.

Since Los Cabos is where the desert and the sea converge, the colder winter months are ideal for touring, including outdoor activities like ATV touring and hiking as well as trips to the region’s so-called Magic Towns, such as Todos Santos. The whale sharks that travel past Los Cabos can best be seen during high season.

Our season for whale watching officially starts in December. Gray and humpback whales can be observed as they enter the waters off Los Cabos as part of their migratory path. If you’ve never seen a whale, now is a terrific time to check them out in Cabo. Many tourists travel here every year only for the amazing chance to get up close to these gentle giants.

With all of the major big game species available, fishing is as good as it has ever been in December. This month, Striped Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, and Wahoo are all found in large numbers. The weather is mostly ideal for fishing, which will guarantee that your day will be a success. Contact us to reserve your charter and enjoy Cabo San Lucas’ greatest fishing experience!

Tips for Avoiding Crowds

In December, many tourists prefer going to Cabo to enjoy a holiday, spend time with family, and escape the chilly winters. Planning ahead is a smart idea to secure the greatest deals and bookings because it is in fact a busy season. Make your December vacation special by venturing off the usual path in the neighborhood. Ride horses at Los Barriles, go scuba diving in Cabo Pulmo, or ATV around Todos Santos. During your holiday, taking a day trip to these rather outlying locations can help you develop a deeper understanding of the region.

Booking a charter is another option to avoid the crowds, even in a month with as high a travel volume as December. A Cabo charter is a fantastic choice for winter travel, whether you want to enjoy world-class fishing or the breathtaking landscape from a yacht. You may pick the suitable yacht for your party for the ideal day on the water, accommodating everyone from couples to families of various sizes. 

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