Is Los Cabos a good place to bring kids?

Is Los Cabos a good place to bring kids?Los Cabos is a great holiday destination to visit with your kids. Many local hotels have supervised activities for young kids, childcare services are plentiful, and there are numerous adventure tours which children of all ages will enjoy.

For school-aged children, hotel kids’ clubs are generally accessible, offering entertaining activities like arts & crafts and Spanish classes. Tweens and teens have more adventures that they can boast about to their friends when they return home.

With a plethora of family-friendly activities, plenty of clean sparkling beaches to play on, nature parks, and a range of exciting tours, you can rest assured that visiting Los Cabos with children is safe and that you and your children will return home with a wealth of fond vacation memories.

Families will find lots of fun on land and sea in almost every area of Los Cabos. Here are some of our personal favorites for a fun family vacation with the kids:

Spending day at the beach1. Spending a Day at the Beach

While there are no facilities on the beach, it is a lovely place to spend a few hours playing in the sun. Médano Beach in Cabo San Lucas is a popular family destination, and is ideal for people-watching. Take a snorkeling excursion to see the colorful marine life of “the World’s Aquarium,” as Jacques Cousteau termed it.

A water taxi excursion out to gorgeous Lover’s Beach, near the iconic arch, is a must-do on every trip to Cabo San Lucas. Santa Maria Bay and Chileno Bay shouldn’t be missed in the Tourist Corridor because of their wonderful protected waters.

2. Take your kids to the playground

While there aren’t many children’s play spaces in Cabo San Lucas, you will find a beautiful park (Parque Ballena) with a children’s playground in the San José del Cabo downtown area, between the Mega shopping mall and Plaza Garuffi, toward the west end of the hotel zone.

Horseback riding3. Horseback Riding

Many equine-related activities are available at Cuadra San Francisco, including excursions along secluded beaches, trail rides through the desert and along the shore, polo lessons, a two-hour canyon trip in the Arroyo San Carlos, and horseback riding instruction. Vistas of tall desert cacti and enchanting ocean views guarantee that this will be a ride to remember,

4. Wild Canyon Adventures

Zip-lining, bungee jumping, sling swinging, and off-road racing are just a few of the hair-raising and exhilarating activities available in Wild Canyon. Wild Canyon, while certainly the most popular destination in Los Cabos for thrill-seeking youngsters, also offers slower-paced activities such as camel rides and, most recently, an exotic petting zoo. The park lies near Playa El Tule, which is part of the Tourist Corridor that connects Cabo San Lucas with San José del Cabo.

Submarine Tour5. Cabo Submarine Tour

This 60-foot semi-submersible offers visitors a 75-minute tour of Cabo San Lucas Bay, with plenty of views of the local marine life from its climate-controlled underwater observation chamber. You can recognize up to 70 different varieties of fish with the help of professional guides (everything from whales and dolphins to colorful puffer fish). The submarine skirts the shore near Land’s End on the way back, providing up-close views of The Arch and other prominent rock formations such as  Neptune’s Finger and Pelican Rock.

6. Swim With The Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is unquestionably one of the most popular local activities for couples and families with little children (ages 4 and up). The encounters take place in shallow water and are therefore not extremely physically exhausting, as the dolphins perform all of the work, including, most notably, allowing guests to ride on their pectoral fins. Small groups swim for 30 to 40 minutes, with a photographer designated to each group.

Whale watching7. Whale Watching

Whale watching with an experienced guide in Los Cabos during the winter months is a genuinely remarkable experience that will awe guests of all ages. The most common whales seen are gray and humpback whales, although lucky visitors may also encounter blue, sperm, fin, and pilot whales, as well as the occasional orca.

The greatest way to get up close and personal with these behemoths is on a high-speed inflatable, but you don’t have to sign up for a tour to see them. Whales can frequently be seen from surrounding beaches, hotels, restaurants, and golf courses.

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