Is Pedregal Cabo Safe?


Los Cabos is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, and for good reason. Visitors come back to enjoy unique attractions, authentic local cuisine, clear blue waters, and exciting adventures.

Accommodations range from sensible and practical beachfront units to sprawling luxury villas

The recent rise in crime rate in the Baja Peninsula, beach safety, and drinking water issue have caused some would-be visitors to wonder: Is Pedregal Cabo safe? 

Yes, the area of Pedregal Cabo is generally safe. But just like any other place, awareness and common sense is essential. 

Security in Pedregal Cabo

Pedregal is a gated community that has private roving security patrolling its neighborhood all day and all night daily. Every vehicle that comes through is noted and recorded. 

Most forms of crime in Baja California are linked to drug wars and generally won’t affect visitors. But this doesn’t mean that safety and security should take a backseat; anytime you are traveling in a foreign country, you should take the following precautions: 


  • Do not “flash” high-value jewelry or watches
  • Do not walk alone at night 
  • Always be aware of your surroundings 
  • Consider booking private transportation at least for airport trips
  • Check with the front desk about potentially dangerous areas to avoid
  • Carry a paper list of phone numbers (eg: cab, hotel, hospital) in case of emergency

Safety in Cabo Waters

Some beaches in Cabo are not swimmable

Certain areas on the Pacific side are noted for having jellyfish, powerful undertows, and riptides that can be dangerous even for seasoned swimmers.

Obedience to rules and common sense is key to safety in Cabo waters. If you plan to go swimming or snorkeling, ask your villa’s concierge staff about the best swimming beaches in the area. 

Heed signs on beaches where swimming is not allowed. Make sure that the beach resort you’re in has a lifeguard on duty. 

Drinking Water in Cabo

Drinking-Water-in-CaboCan you drink the water in Cabo San Lucas?

Nearly all of Cabo’s water is desalinated and does not come from water suppliers in Mexico. 

Pedregal has its desalination plant and water delivery system. Its water undergoes further treatment in major hotels and restaurants. 

While the water is generally safe, there can be some rare issues over how it is delivered. After leaving the treatment plant, impurities may enter the distribution pipes and contaminate the water on its way to your tap.

Drinking water right from the tap is not recommended.

Tips on Staying Safe in Pedregal Cabo 

1) Try to tour Pedregal Cabo during the daytime. Walk in pairs if possible and stay on the main thoroughfares. Watch out for pickpockets and petty thieves. If possible, avoid driving alone or at night. Let a friend or partner know of your ride’s progress if you’re riding in a Taxi or rideshare.

2) Limit yourself to bottled water and water served at major hotels and restaurants. Make sure that the ice they serve is made from purified water. 

3) Ask your travel agent or your hotel’s concierge staff where the best swimming spots are in the area. 


We recommend the lovely beaches below that are good for both swimming and snorkeling:

  • Lover’s Beach (Playa de Amore)
  • Medano Beach
  • Santa Maria Bay
  • Chileno Beach
  • Hilton Cove

4) Keep your important and personal belongings in a safe place in your hotel room or villa. To ensure a fun vacation, see to it that you obey Cabo’s local laws. 

We can help you book a safe and memorable Pedregal Cabo getaway. 

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