Quivira Golf Club Ultimate Guide

Quivira Golf Club Ultimate GuideQuivira Golf Club is located at the southernmost point of the Baja Peninsula, presenting guests with breathtaking panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. The distinctive landscape, with its windswept dunes and rugged cliffs, creates an unparalleled environment for the game of golf.

Quivira Golf Club, originally planned as an exclusive amenity catering to Quivira property owners and Pueblo Bonito Golf & Spa Resorts’ guests, showcases a world-class design by Jack Nicklaus Signature. The course starts at sea level and extends across undulating terrain, ascending to an impressive altitude exceeding 350 feet above sea level. What sets Quivira Golf Club apart is its sought-after beachfront location in Los Cabos, providing breathtaking ocean vistas from every single hole.

Since its opening in 2014, Quivira Golf Club has rapidly solidified its position as one of the world’s premier new golf courses. The year Quivira opened, Golf Magazine honored it with the title of “Best New International Golf Course,” and Golf Inc. named it “The Development of the Year.” In 2020, the Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Award recognized Quivira Golf Club as one of the “Top Golf Resorts in the Americas.”

This magnificent 7,085-yard course recently earned a coveted spot on Golf Digest’s prestigious list of the “World’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses.”

Against a stunning natural backdrop of lush gardens and cascading waterfalls, Quivira Golf Club features these amenities and services:

  • A Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course
  • Private beach clubs
  • Village and community centers
  • An exclusive clubhouse
  • Private helicopter access
  • And more.

Indulge in awe-inspiring coastal vistas as you stand on the elevated tees and greens, but be cautious not to get too entranced by the scenery. The course presents numerous challenges, from its rolling fairways to well-positioned bunkers. Notably, the par-3 sixth hole stands out for its remarkable cliff-top green, masterfully sculpted from the foot of a colossal dune. The Quivira Golf Club concludes with a striking flourish, featuring a classic links-style hole that leads to an infinity-edge green gazing out over the ocean.

Can You Play Quivira Golf Course Without Staying There?

To enjoy a round of golf at Quivira, you are required to be either a resident or a guest staying at one of the Pueblo Bonito Resorts in Los Cabos.

Quivira Golf Course Review

Review Summary

This golf course offers some of the most spectacular vistas and one of the most meandering layouts you can find anywhere. It boasts many exceptional holes and a handful that, although somewhat unconventional, leave a lasting impression. The oceanview setting of the golf course is truly breathtaking. Currently, there are extensive stretches without any neighboring buildings, maintaining the course’s serene ambiance – that is, until the golfer faces one of the numerous hazards scattered throughout.

Below is a review of Quivira’s standout golf holes.

Course Layout

The introduction of the new Beach Club, an exclusive amenity for Quivira Los Cabos residents and their guests, resulted in the removal of the golf cart path along the beachfront that used to connect the staging area to the previous first tee.

Today, Quivira Golf Club essentially remains the same golf course but with a rearranged sequence of holes. The par-4 18th hole, characterized by its classic links-style design and bordered by an arroyo on the left and dunes and mesquite trees on the right, now serves as the first hole.

Quivira Hole 1

Against the prevailing breeze, the first hole at Quivira offers a challenging yet fair opportunity to begin your round. The wide and well-shaped fairway leads to a remarkable infinity-edge green that seemingly hovers above the ocean.

Quivira Hole 2

A gentle dogleg to the right characterizes the second hole, with the iconic Cabo desert framing both sides of the fairway. The ample fairway allows for comfortable play, while the left portion of the green presents an open target for a solid approach shot.

Quivira Hole 3

Hole 3 is a picturesque par four hole, with hills and a white stucco village in the background. But you’ll have to keep your focus as the slightly-uphill fairway is pockmarked by challenging bunkers. Ironing over the left bunker should give you a safe angle in.

Quivira Hole 4

With its significant length, this par five requires a drive over a pond, although the water does not pose a threat to a well-executed shot. On the right side of the drive, a complex of large bunkers presents a more realistic obstacle to navigate. Moving closer to the green, the fairway narrows considerably, increasing the difficulty level. The green itself is equipped with two bunkers on its right side, along with slopes that make chipping and putting challenging. Lastly, players should prepare themselves for what may be regarded as the longest and potentially most exquisite cart ride in the game of golf.

Quivira Hole 5

Situated on a hillside cliff overlooking the crashing Pacific waves, the hole features an extraordinary tabletop green perched precariously on the edge. This hole offers a touch of novelty, as golfers have the flexibility to choose between a short iron, driver, or any club in between, based on their risk appetite and preferences. It stands out as a unique addition to the course.

Quivira Hole 6

This par three is perhaps the most famous hole in Quivira. Like the previous hole, this one is perched on a cliff’s edge carved on the side of the mountain. Your tee must find and traverse a long, narrow, deep green. It will seem nerve-wracking at first, as the imposing cliff on the left and the hillside on the right seem to leave little margin for error. The silver lining here is that the hills will kick errant balls down to the green. Overall, this hole is not as implausible as it looks, but you can get impossible-looking photos as you drive.

Quivira Hole 7

After the challenging nature of the previous two holes, the seventh hole serves as a refreshing change of pace. It presents a pleasant par four experience, enhanced by well-placed bunkers and effectively utilizing the dunes that border the hole. The green complex is skillfully designed, featuring undulating surfaces that pose difficulty for putting, along with a deep bunker on the left side that attracts most shots.

Quivira Hole 8

To succeed on the eighth hole, careful navigation of the tee shot is vital to steer clear of the abundant sand and desert areas positioned both near and on the left and right sides. Avoiding these hazards presents a better opportunity to reach the elevated green, which also faces protection from a front left bunker. The green, characterized by its substantial width, has a tier that differentiates the higher left third from the remaining putting surface.

Quivira Hole 9

Presenting a captivating scene, the ninth hole at Quivira boasts remarkable beauty as a par three. With a slight downhill slope and considerable length, this hole challenges golfers. Its tiered green and bunker embellish the right side, while flawlessly integrated dunes grace the left side, harmonizing with the surrounding desert backdrop. As a result, players face a formidable and demanding hole.

Quivira Hole 10

With this hole, the back nine unfolds as a dogleg right par five that gracefully descends downhill. Golfers must skillfully navigate their drive, deciding whether to aim straight or carve a fraction of the corner. Calculating this choice accurately is crucial to avoid complications stemming from the neighboring desert. As the rest of the hole descends, a massive dune dominates the left side. Adding to the challenge, the green proves to be quite treacherous, primarily sloping away from the player, yet intriguingly displaying counterintuitive breaks within certain sections.

Quivira Hole 11

The uphill hole 11 presents a blind tee shot to a split fairway, posing a challenge to even experienced golfers. With a large wasteland to the right, you won’t want to be right and short here as that would spell death to your ball. The view, however, could make up for it, featuring the Cabo Falso mountain and an operational lighthouse on top.

Quivira Hole 12

Golfers either love or hate this hole. This 635-yard par five is the longest at Quivira, meandering its way downhill, culminating at the Pacific Ocean’s edge. The green may be challenging to control when teeing off from a considerable distance. However, employing a wedge from the right side of the fairway renders the green more receptive. Notably, this hole demands considerable fortitude but is one of the course’s most memorable features.

Quivira Hole 13

Hole 13 poses a significant challenge for golfers due to the tee shot being over the vast expanse of the Pacific. The green is also relatively small. However, players can opt for the left hillside and occasionally witness their ball making its way down to the green. Aiming short, right, or long, however, provides no advantage.

Quivira Hole 14

This hole is a short par 4 but ups the difficulty with its hidden green protected by dunes. You’ll have to maneuver a bunkerless fairway that takes a sharp dogleg to the right. To do so, you may need to drive directly over a dune, hoping for a perfect aim.

Quivira Hole 15

The fairway of this par 5 slopes hard to the left and is dotted with bunkers in the middle. The green itself can be quite tricky as it’s surrounded by deep bunkers and dense vegetation. This is a great hole to test your hitting.

Quivira Hole 16

Hole 16 at Quivira is a downhill par four that takes place in a valley. The fairway is nestled between two unforgiving hillsides. A well-executed tee shot that lands on the green grass will naturally move towards the middle of the fairway. However, missing the fairway will almost certainly result in a bogey or worse. It is necessary to use a driver off the tee to have a reasonable distance for the approach shot. The green is relatively flat, but partially obstructed by a large bunker carved out of the hill. Additionally, there is an interesting rock outcropping just short of the green.

Quivira Hole 17

Starting off with a sharply dropping tee, the fairway of this par 4 is bisected by an arroyo. Closer to the green, look out for a couple of deep bunkers and a sand pit.

Quivira Hole 18

The new finishing hole 18 at Quivira offers spectacular panoramic views, yet its strategic merit remains a subject of debate. It presents a relatively short dogleg to the right, accompanied by an impressively vast waste bunker. This hole is expected to improve as the sand settles with time. Until then, players are advised to aim left, unless they possess the ability to hit a powerful 300+ yard shot directly towards the green. Opting for the smart play will ensure a favorable position to approach the narrow, three-tiered green, flanked by twin bunkers. Front pins demand an aggressive approach, while any shots veering left of center should be treated with utmost caution and respect.

Quivira Golf Rates

Green fees range from $233 to $380, depending on season and time of day.

June – September

$323.00 during Peak Hours (7 am-10:48 am)

$275.00 at Mid-Morning (11 am-1:24 pm)

$233.00 at Twilight (1:36 pm-3 pm)

October – May

$380.00 during Peak Hours (7 am-10:48 am)

$323.00 at Mid-Morning (11 am-1:24 pm)

$275.00 at Twilight (1:36 pm-3 pm)

Additionally, a well-stocked golf pro shop at the Quivira Golf Clubhouse awaits visitors, offering TaylorMade club rentals, top golf apparel brands, logoed merchandise, and high-quality beach fishing equipment.

Snacks and Refreshments

Situated between the first tee and the 18th hole, the Quivira Golf Clubhouse acts as a natural gathering spot for golfers to engage in discussions before and after their rounds. The clubhouse features The Quivira Steakhouse and 19th Hole Bar, which is a favored destination for post-game drinks.

The clubhouse’s top floor boasts a private dining room and special event space, guaranteeing breathtaking views of the golf course, practice facility, and ocean.

Worth mentioning is that the par-ninth hole (previously referred to as the eighth hole) provides direct access to the club’s four comfort stations, most notably the open-air Oasis.

Golfer Feedback

Rated Excellent on TripAdvisor, garnering 4.5 stars from 355 reviews.

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