Rancho San Lucas Golf Club

Rancho San Lucas Golf ClubRancho San Lucas Golf Club offers the ultimate golfing holiday. The club is located within a private resort that provides exclusive golf access to guests of Solmar Group hotels, including the brand-new Grand Solmar at Rancho San Lucas Resort on-site.

Greg Norman designed the Rancho San Lucas Golf Club, which is currently referred to as Solmar Golf Links. The course is situated at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula, where the desert landscape converges with the sandy ocean beaches. The property takes great pride in being Greg Norman’s first complete 18-hole golf course in Los Cabos.

For golfers from the north, the prospect of boarding a plane and discovering Los Cabos’ tranquil seas and sunny weather is unparalleled. This top golfing destination offers an ideal combination of pure golf, relaxation, and unforgettable dining experiences that will leave a lasting impression.

Greg Norman Design Golf Course

Solmar Golf Links boasts a Greg Norman Signature golf course, which serves as the centerpiece of an 834-acre resort and residential community situated along the Pacific Ocean, a mere 15-minute drive from downtown Cabo San Lucas.

Greg Norman’s ‘least disturbance’ design philosophy is evident in the course’s layout, which was customized to fit the existing terrain. The result is a low-profile course that offers stunning panoramic ocean views from every hole. Members and residents of Solmar have showered Solmar Golf Links with praise since its opening in 2020.

Multi-themed Layout with Panoramic Ocean Vistas

The layout of the course at Solmar Golf Links is multi-themed and features sweeping ocean views. Greg Norman did an exceptional job of incorporating the stunning vistas into the routing, with holes running in various directions, which is particularly advantageous given the frequent winds in the region.

Furthermore, the terrain’s elevation changes and sand dunes create a fantastic natural setting for the golf course, resulting in a more authentic golfing experience than many other courses in the Cabo area.

Course Description

Solmar Golf Links spans three distinct ecosystems, with the golf course meandering through enormous windswept dunes at the outset, climbing through a dense cactus forest featuring winding arroyos, crossing a littoral zone, and culminating in a thrilling return to the beach and dunes.

Most of the greens are subtly contoured and of medium size, although four putting surfaces are larger than 12,000 square feet. The 7,210-yard, par-72 layout is highly versatile, featuring several holes on the beach, including the third par-3 hole that runs parallel to the sea and offers players stunning views of breaching whales during the winter months. Additionally, the par-3 17th hole has a signature island green.

The links-style course at Solmar Golf Links is renowned for its revetted bunkers, which are sharp-edged and have steep walls made from recycled artificial turf, mirroring the natural “pot bunkers” featured in Scottish and British links golf courses.

To provide shelter from the strong Pacific winds during late spring, Norman and his design team created a 12-hole Short Course, drawing on low-lying holes from the regulation 18 that are nestled in the dunes.

Solmar Golf Links is a testament to Greg Norman’s growth as a designer, demonstrating a marked improvement over his earlier designs, which were often considered overly penal. This course is highly enjoyable, visually striking, and strategic, with unending ocean views and excellent long-term playability. It’s one of the best public access courses in Mexico.

Hole Highlights

First Hole Par 5

From a set of elevated tees, the first hole at Solmar Golf Links offers a clear view of the broad, bunker-less fairway that runs parallel to the sea. On the left, a natural dune ridge frames the fairway, while a grove of the largest and oldest cardon cacti on the property clusters on the right. Golfers must avoid a large bunker on the left, placed 80 yards short of the green. The ample putting surface has a back-to-front slope.

2nd Hole 434 Yards

On the 2nd hole of Solmar Golf Links, Greg Norman wastes no time showcasing the impressive land that the course occupies as well as introducing players to the ocean. This downhill has sand dunes on the right and trouble on the left. Players who find the middle will have a perfect view of the bunkerless green. The most accessible location is the front right corner, with the fairway leading up to it, helping bound balls toward the putting surface. Conversely, the back left is the most challenging location to attack, with the terrain sloping off quickly beyond the green. Approaching this green while waves crash on the beach in the background is an inspiring sight.

3rd Hole Par 3

The stunning par-3 3rd hole is located near the Norman Estates residential community, and its proximity to the crashing waves of the beach adds to the excitement. The green slopes and is divided by a subtle ridge, with bunkers located on the front left and back right to protect it. During the winter months, it’s an excellent spot for whale-watching.

4th Hole Par 4

This hole is a short par 4 that deceives players with its uphill terrain and the Grand Solmar resort hotel visible on the right. The fairway lacks bunkers and leads to a narrow green that slopes and is slightly obscured from view. It’s challenging to approach the green since the false front and close-mown swales below it can make it difficult to keep the ball on the putting surface.

5th Hole 251 Yards

The 5th hole is a sight to behold, with the green in the foreground and the towering sand dunes and ocean as a backdrop. The downhill tee shot makes the yardage less daunting than it appears on the scorecard, and the front of the green allows for a ball to be rolled onto it. The contour of the swell from the front to the back of the green makes it easier to get close to pins on the left side rather than the smaller, higher shelf on the right. It’s a visually stunning hole with multiple shot options.

6th Hole Par 4

The 6th hole is a relatively short par 4 that doglegs slightly to the left and heads uphill towards distant rocky mountains. Shots that finish short and left of the perched green will land in the expansive sandy transition area. The green itself is generously contoured and is guarded by a pair of deep sand pits in front and a lone bunker to the back right of the green complex.

7th Hole Par 4

A moderately long par 4, with a slight uphill climb, carves its way through dense desert foliage and continues along a wide fairway devoid of bunkers, ascending to the highest point of the front nine. The landing area narrows as it approaches the large, circular green. While the front of the putting surface is open, a deep bunker defends the back.

8th Hole Par 5

The 8th hole is a striking par 5 that winds its way downhill in a massive S-shape towards a large, haystack-shaped hill and a wide expanse of the ocean. A shallow arroyo meanders across the fairway, 200 yards away from the green, creating a strategic choice for players to either lay up or carry it with their second shots. The green is receptive but guarded by two deep bunkers to the left and another sandy pit beyond the putting surface.

9th Hole Par 4

Playing generally downwind but sharply uphill, this challenging par 4 aims straight at the hilltop clubhouse and requires a little extra distance than its listed yardage. Carved through a thick forest of cacti, the hole demands an accurate drive to navigate a pair of massive transition bunkers and reach the very deep green that measures over 40 yards from front to back.

10th Hole Par 4

The 10th hole is a tough par 4, with a strong downwind and strategic play necessary. The landing zone features a large bunker on the right side that must be avoided at all costs. On the approach shot, players face a forced carry over a picturesque arroyo in a designated conservation area filled with specimen trees and cacti. The large elevated green is flanked by bunkers, with a deep, penal bunker in front.

11th Hole Par 3

For the 11th hole, players face an intriguing, semi-blind par 3 that plays uphill over a deep, arroyo filled with cacti. One of the largest greens on the course, it is sharply banked on the right side and has an undulating putting surface, with a dramatic rock formation framing the right side. Careful assessment is required to avoid three-putting.

12th Hole 460 Yard Par 4

The 12th hole is both picturesque and challenging, with a panoramic view of the ocean from the elevated tee. However, the fairway narrows and puts pressure on long hitters to find the landing area. The left side of the fairway may seem like the ideal spot to land your ball due to the fairway’s slope, but it’s also where the rough and sand traps are located. On the other hand, aiming for the right-side sand trap will at least guarantee a second shot.

Approaching the green from the left side will allow for a short shot that bounces onto the green, while the right side requires a high shot over a protective bunker. Once on the green, golfers must navigate undulations that test their putting skills. A bogey on this hole can be made up for on the following par five.

13th Hole 595 Yards

The 13th hole presents a thrilling downhill tee shot toward the ocean, offering a breathtaking vista. The fairway is flanked by native cactus and sagebrush, making it crucial to locate the short grass to have any chance of attacking the green in two. Designer Norman widened the sand-based path on the right side of the fairway and continued it all the way to the green, creating a desert island green with a narrow strip of the fairway before it.

Those opting to go for the green in two must aim for this area, while those laying up should stay left to have a better angle towards the day’s pin placement. Any shots drifting too far right risk landing in the lake that surrounds the island green of the 17th hole. Accuracy is essential throughout this par five.

14th Hole Par 4

The 14th hole features a magnificent right-to-left dogleg that leads to a wide fairway surrounded by towering dunes, with a massive elevated green as the ultimate destination.

15th Hole Par 4

Playing against a challenging crosswind, this par 4 heads inland and features a slight right-to-left dogleg. The fairway ascends gently past two saucer-shaped bunkers before reaching a sizable circular green guarded by bunkers on the left. On the right side of the putting surface, a sandy transition zone awaits any approach shots that miss the mark.

16th Hole 327 Yard Par 4

In contrast, the 16th hole offers an opportunity for players to earn a birdie before moving on to the challenging island green 17th. At only 327 yards, this driveable par 4 allows players to take advantage of an elevated tee to gain extra distance and potentially reach the green with their tee shot or a flip wedge. The green is defended by a bunker that divides the surface, making it essential to determine the location of the flag before deciding on your approach. Being more cautious with your approach is recommended when the flag is in the back center, while a more aggressive approach can be taken for any other flag position.

17th Hole 191 Yard Par 3

The 17th hole, an island green one-shotter, is not an easy feat thanks to Greg Norman’s design. The wind can pose a challenge, often coming into the player’s face or off the left, making club selection and line-picking crucial. While the green is quite large, missing it can be costly as there’s only water to be found, save for a sandy area on the right with a cactus. It’s a high-stakes hole, and if players can score par or better here, they’ll feel relieved as they head to the final hole at Solmar Golf Links.

18th Hole Par 5

The 18th hole, a par 5, brings the course full circle, starting and ending with a challenging par 5. This uphill hole is a sturdy challenge as it plays against the prevailing wind, but the fairway is broad and without bunkers, with a sandy transition area located to the right, 250 yards from the green. The green is elevated and partially obscured, making it a true three-shot par 5. Deep bunkers protect the green on three sides, making it a grand and challenging finale to the round.

Meals and Refreshment

The course has two convenient comfort stations, nicknamed “Shark Shacks,” which are placed at strategic locations on the course to allow multiple visits. These shacks offer Mexican delicacies and cold beverages to provide players with an all-inclusive experience during their rounds. Additionally, there is a “welcome wagon” available for players at the practice facility.

Overlooking the fairways and sea, the clubhouse boasts a charming ranch-style design and features an indoor-outdoor restaurant and event lawn.

Tee Time Rates and Rental Costs

The green fees at Solmar Golf Links vary depending on the season and time of day, ranging from $95 to $265 for guests staying at Solmar Group hotels.

The rate includes:

  • 18 holes of golf
  • a shared golf cart for each round
  • bottled water during play
  • access to the club’s practice facilities on the day of play
  • use of the two on-course comfort stations

Guests of Solmar Hotels & Resorts receive a 10% discount, while those staying at Grand Solmar Land’s End and Playa Grande properties receive a 15% discount, and guests of Grand Solmar at Rancho San Lucas Resort receive a 20% discount.

A rider fee of $60 applies, and walking is allowed with the use of four-passenger golf carts driven by caddies.

Golf Club Rental Rates

TaylorMade golf clubs can be rented for $69.00.

Golfer Feedback

Customers have given an Excellent rating on TripAdvisor, with 5.0 stars out of 64 reviews.

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