The Dunes Course at Diamante: The Ultimate Guide

The Dunes Course at Diamante: The Ultimate GuideIt’s an unbeatable combination of the stunning natural surroundings of Cabo San Lucas: the white dunes, blue ocean, desert, and lush green fairways, all in one place! Spanning an impressive 7,300 yards from the back tees, this golf course offers both a challenging and breathtaking experience.

We are, of course, referring to the Dunes Course at Diamante.

Experience Golf at Diamante

Facing the Pacific Ocean, the 1,500-acre exclusive resort community of Diamante is located just 15 minutes north of downtown Cabo San Lucas. Within this exclusive haven, you’ll find not one but two world-class golf courses.

One of them is the Dunes Course, designed by the renowned Davis Love III and nestled amid vast ivory sand hills, slightly set back from the majestic ocean. The course has a delightful laid-back atmosphere, and its sprawling, undulating greens provide a thrilling challenge for golf enthusiasts. As you make your way along the course, you’ll come across massive dunes and beautiful blowout bunkers that add to its overall allure.

Playing golf on the Dunes offers some similarity to the traditional links courses found in Scotland and Ireland. However, the charms here are even more enticing, with warmer weather, whiter sands, and bluer oceans. The Dunes Course has earned immense recognition since its inception in 2009. Notably, Golf Magazine ranked it as the 36th best course worldwide in 2017, and Golf Digest crowned it Mexico’s top course in 2016.

Unforgettable Golfing Expedition Like No Other

Diamante’s Dunes Course transcends mere beauty – it’s a captivating journey through majestic Pacific dunes. Each hole offers a unique challenge alongside breathtaking glimpses the vast ocean.

Let’s not forget the essence of hospitality: Diamante’s signature service. You can get pampered at a jaw-dropping 14-acre practice facility, luxurious clubhouse, restaurants, and a Slider Bar that serves refreshments and sandwiches before tee time.

And when you need a quick pick-me-up during your rounds, the course-side comfort stations provide delectable small plates and tantalizing drinks to invigorate your senses.

Dunes Course at Diamante Review Summary

Davis Love III established Mexico’s top-tier golf course at the exclusive Diamante private resort community. This course now proudly ranks among the world’s Top 100 Golf Courses. Love’s design, while not overly ambitious, harmonizes seamlessly with the natural landscape, skillfully navigating the sprawling sand dunes and leading golfers toward the vast, inviting beach. Diamante offers a well-rounded variety of golf hole types, yet the greens consistently present a formidable challenge for reading and putting. In the past five years, the course has undergone two adjustments to enhance its routing and overall feel.

Below, we’ll explore the standout golf holes on the latest course layout.

Hole 1

The Dunes golf course may have only a few trees but there are still a handful ready to challenge you right from the elevated first tee. However, the fairway generously spreads out, with only the menacing pot bunker standing in your way. As you approach the green, nestled to the left amidst the colossal sand dunes, this obliging three-shot offers you a tantalizing opportunity to secure a fantastic score

Hole 2

This par three is truly one-of-a-kind and absolutely remarkable. When you step up to the tee box, you’ll notice a magnificent sand dune towering behind the green, situated a good 200 yards away. The green itself is generously spacious and features a tier that creates a slight drop on the right side, giving it a pleasantly obscured view.

Hole 3

This par four has an elevated tee shot that leads to a fairway split into an upper-left level and a lower-right level that are both challenging. They are near hazards, but the left level offers a shorter shot to the uphill green complex which might be blind. The right level provides a clear view of the flag but demands a tougher shot.

With favorable wind, players can choose to unleash their driver and aim to hit it over or near the corner. If they manage to avoid the dunes or bunkers, they’ll be rewarded with a short shot that isn’t blind. The green has multiple levels and doesn’t take kindly to short shots.

Hole 4

This awesome par four offers yet another view of the massive dunes that give the golf course its name. A powerful drive can easily reach the green, but it’s important to be cautious due to the presence of the dune and a sizable bunker on the left side. It’s best to aim left of the debris that crosses the middle of the landing area. From that point, the shot becomes uphill with the bunker becoming an obstacle upfront.

Hole 5

This is a sweet par three hole with gorgeous views of the ocean. Highlighting this hole is its wide green, but beware of the deep bunkers in the front. To maintain a decent score, it’s crucial to skillfully evade these bunkers and consistently avoid going over bogey.

Hole 6

This hole offers the greatest chance for a good score on the front nine. Even if you’re playing from the back tees, it’s a par five that measures less than 500 yards. Beware though, because there’s all sorts of trouble on both sides of the fairway, and the green is nestled in a bowl, guarded by dunes. Accurate shots will be handsomely rewarded with excellent scores. But, if you miss the mark, you might end up with a much higher number on your scorecard than you anticipated.

Hole 7

This par three on a downhill slope is quite lengthy, measuring around 290 yards from the back tees. While there aren’t many obstacles to worry about, the distance itself is quite challenging. If your shot falls short, it will likely roll down the hill away from the wide and sloping green, which tilts from back to front.

Hole 8

This is perhaps the widest landing area on the entire property, making it the easiest par to achieve. Even so, the hole is visually appealing and one obvious mistake would be landing your drive in any of the bunkers. The green’s undulations add to the challenge, with sections that break in various directions.

Hole 9

The final hole of the front nine is a challenging par four with a slight right turn. On the right side, there’s a forest of El Cardonal cactus that taunts you with the lodged golf balls of players past. The green is positioned uphill, across the desert wash. It has a deceptive false front and plenty of unevenness, making it quite tricky. If your shot goes a little too far, it may come right back down onto the green.

Hole 10

A small par three 10th hole was born when the original 18th hole had to make way for more real estate. It’s not too long or difficult, but there are pot bunkers on the left and middle-right that can cause trouble. However, players can easily steer clear of them and aim for a generously sized green, which poses its own challenge when it comes to putting. The front and back sections of the green are raised, making it a tad tricky to sink that perfect putt from different angles. The front and back parts of the green are raised, adding to the challenge.

Hole 11

Hole 11 is a challenging par four and can be quite merciless. Stretching close to 500 yards, it demands a golfer’s utmost desire to prevail. The tee shot might offer a slight downhill advantage, but the second shot involves a daunting uphill climb to reach the green in regulation. While the fairway is fairly wide, beware of the deep and formidable greenside bunker.

Hole 12

You must tackle this unique par three 12th hole where you face an uphill and lengthy single-shot challenge. Any shot that falls short will roll back down the hill, while those veering to the left will find refuge in one of two remarkably deep bunkers. Although going too far right is not ideal, surpassing the green is also quite tricky. The shot itself can be tough, but the rewards for hitting the green are unparalleled. The stunning views from the green will take your breath away, and sinking a par here will bring immense satisfaction.

Hole 13

The 13th hole is a thrilling par five that appears to have been carved out of a massive dune. Going right or left during the first two shots can lead to trouble. However, the dynamics change when reaching the green – missing on the left side can result in severe penalties, while a right miss may actually land on the green.

Hole 14

When playing it for the first time, the 14th hole can be a bit perplexing. Initially, players are faced with a small fairway and a pot bunker crowned by an obelisk. The true challenge lies beyond the bunker, as the hole doglegs to the left and presents a well-designed green that skillfully directs the flow of the ball away and toward an exciting finish.

Hole 15

There’s no bunker to worry about on the first shot, so you can really go for it and see what happens. The second shot leads up to a massive bunker, which needs to be avoided in order to have a good shot at the relatively small and challenging green. Be cautious of left pins placed behind the dune as they can be quite tricky.

Hole 16

This classic beach-side par four gracefully curves left around sand traps and the natural sandy landscape. The green is nestled close to the Pacific, offering sweeping views.

Hole 17

For this short par three, the prime attraction is its idyllic location near the beach. The green is full of interesting contours and crevices, making it a target that should be hit regardless of which tee box you use.

Hole 18

This par five offers a fantastic view of the expansive beach and dunes. The landing area is generous, allowing for a powerful drive that may benefit from a downhill slope for extra yardage. However, getting to the green in just two shots presents a tricky challenge, as it sits uphill and punishes shots that fall short with bunkers or worse. Opting for a three-shot strategy, the second shot is relatively straightforward, leaving you with a short uphill approach to the wide, sloping green. A massive central bunker and out-of-bounds on the right have made the tee shot more demanding.

How Much Is It to Golf at Diamante Cabo San Lucas?

During the off-season, the greens fees at this course are around $140, which is quite reasonable considering the fantastic experience you’ll have. However, if you plan on visiting during the peak season, prepare to spend a little more, with greens fees at $320.00 per person per round of golf.

The Dunes Course Golf Rates

Daily pricing is $320.00 per individual, per 18-hole round of golf.

The green fees cover practice facilities, a golf cart, water, soft drinks, on-course food and drinks at comfort stations, and all applicable taxes.

If needed, rental clubs are available from Diamante for $65.00.

How Do You Play Diamante Golf Course?

To enjoy golfing at the course, you have a couple of options – either to be a residence owner or be a guest at Diamante. However, by attending a 90-minute sales presentation about the fantastic facilities, you can also get a chance to play. You don’t need much to avail of a promotional rate or potentially even a complimentary game. Plus, they offer club rental services, so no worries if you don’t have your own set.

Comfort Stations, Snacks, and Refreshments

You can stop by a unique Slider Bar at the Driving Range before tee time. Breakfast sliders include bacon, sausage, and chorizo. Fresh fruit smoothies are on the menu. Players enjoy tuna sliders and burgers in the afternoon. The bar serves an assortment of refreshments and beverages.

On the third hole, you will come upon the first comfort station. This stop serves tortilla soup and Bloody Mary. If you’re not that hungry, you can catch another comfort station on the 6th hole.

The course has another comfort station after holes 11 and 14 which serves authentic tamales and margaritas.

There is a range of items at each comfort station, from scrumptious tuna and marlin salads to tasty beef jerky and candies. You can quench your thirst with refreshing options like soda, Gatorade, beer, and a delicious medley of mixed alcoholic drinks.

You’ll find a few strategic spots called “relief shacks” at key locations on the course. They’ve got everything a golfer needs – restrooms, a well-stocked bar, and a fridge full of snacks.

Golfer Feedback

Diamante Dunes Course has an Excellent rating on TripAdvisor, earning 3.5 stars from 345 reviews.

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You can check out the Dunes Course Scorecard right here or simply download the 18Birdies app from Google Play or AppStore and effortlessly view scorecards.

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