What Is Better: Cancun Or Cabo?

When planning a vacation in a sunny beach paradise, two premier destinations immediately come to mind: Cancun and Los Cabos (a.k.a. Cabo).

These hotspots are both located in Mexico, both known around the world for their amazing beaches, and both brimming with parties and nightlife.

But while they seem similar, there are some differences between Cabo and Cancun that might mean something for your getaway. Depending on your travel preferences, one might actually be better than the other.

Read on to find out.

What Is The Difference Between Cabo And Cancun?

Three differences between Cancun and Los Cabos are worth highlighting: climate, beaches, and cost efficiency.

los cabos islandsClimate

Los Cabos and Cancun are situated at opposite ends of Mexico. Cabo is located at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula, right next to the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, while Cancun is on the other side, between the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Both are blessed with abundant sunshine, though Cabo’s location gives it a cooler and drier climate, much like Southern California’s. Cancun’s weather is more humid with a greater chance of storms and hurricanes.


Cancun is notorious as a spring break destination, and one of the reasons is that it’s packed with white-sand beaches that are perfect for parties and swimming. The Hotel Zone in Cancun is especially popular, with its 14-mile stretch of fine white sand and turquoise waters where most tourists swim, sunbathe, and people-watch.

Cabo is a beautiful coastal area as well, but in general, it features a more rugged landscape of hills and rock formations. While it also has a few swimmable beaches, the deep-blue Sea of Cortez is better known for watersports, fishing, and diving.

One of its famous attractions is the El Arco, a one-of-a-kind and highly photogenic rock arch. You can visit the site itself, or you can take photos at one of the nearby shores where you get this unique natural feature as your background.

Much of Los Cabos is also at higher altitude, which provides incomparable overlooking views of the ocean, plus fantastic desert landscapes inland.


For the budget-conscious American traveler, it’s worth noting that Cabo and Cancun are at opposite coasts, so there may be a significant difference in airline prices depending on which city you’re coming from.

cortezIn addition, you may find that Cancun is slightly more modern and shopping-friendly, with numerous upscale stores and malls. Los Cabos has modern shopping centers as well, but shopping and restaurants here lean more towards the authentic Mexican experience.

Overall, however, Cabo and Cancun share similar features and prices in terms of accommodations, food, and tourist activities.

Choosing Between Cabo and Cancun

The key to figuring out whether Cancun or Cabo is better for you is to know what kind of vacation you want. No doubt Cancun is party central especially during spring break, while Los Cabos is an incredible haven for those who want blissful relaxation.

But just because you’re picking one over the other doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on some things. Both Cabo and Cancun give you plenty of options, whether you feel like relaxing or partying. In both hotspots, you’ll find a wide range of resorts, hotels, and villas; an amazing array of foods and flavors; and endless fun things to do in land and in the water.

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