Cabo Music Festival 2023

website creator Cabo Music Festival 2023Still got the holiday chills? Shake off the winter blues this year by slipping away to one of the most breathtaking locations on the planet – Cabo San Lucas.

¡Bienvenido a Mexico! Among the most popular attractions of Cabo San Lucas, sometimes referred to as Cabo, are its sun-drenched white beaches, ocean activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, sport fishing, and whale watching, as well as its vibrant nightlife.

There is never a dull moment in Cabo San Lucas and Cabo activities are ones you can’t afford to miss. Many exclusive events are held in this amazing location where the ocean and desert meet.

Take a look at some of these sun-and-fun-filled outdoor activities slated for 2023.

Check out this year’s Cabo Music Festival

¡Hola amigos y amigas! The Cabo Music Festival returns in June 2023 for what is expected to be another sell-out year.

Cabo Music Festival

From June 4 to August 3, 2023, Cabo San Lucas will host the Cabo Music Festival to keep you entertained day and night with live concerts, artist chat forums, artist-led events, and late-night DJ sets.

And what an incredible lineup of performers we have this year!

Come create a ton of memories on the white beaches of Los Cabos with the Casey Donahew Band, Casey Donahew Band, Josh Abbott Band, Kylie Frey, and other fantastic artists.

Big Cabo Fest

The Big Cabo Fest is anticipated to take place in June 2023. The finest of Texas is brought to Cabo via this spectacular country music festival.

This event features:

  • Four nights at the Hotel Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas or Hotel Riu Palace Baja California (Adults Only).
  • All-inclusive, round-the-clock service with free WiFi.
  • A wide range of food selections, beverages, and the greatest leisure and entertainment choices to let you have an exciting music-filled trip.

Sundream Festival

Rufus Du Sol, an Australian band, will perform at the Sundream Festival, which has chosen Los Cabos as its new location for 2023. The festival is no stranger to Mexico, having performed in Tulum the previous year. They chose Cabo San Lucas as their next stop after the success of that specific event.

Upcoming concerts in Cabo San Lucas

The Sundream Festival

May 4 – 7, 2023

Featured Artists:

Rufus Du Sol, Michel Bibi, DJ Tennis, Luke Alessi, and Monolik


Crania Los Cabos Restaurant/ Club/ Airbnb campground, Cabo San Lucas

Reservations for stays at the Crania campground, which are often made accessible through Airbnb, are already full for these days. However, it’s difficult to ascertain if they have ever been made accessible.,as%20the%20festival’s%20main%20venue.

Casey Donahew’s Boots on the Beach 2023

Sunday June 4, 2023 – Thursday June 8, 2023 (Week 1)

Artist Line-up:

Josh Abbott Band, Casey Donahew, Casey Donahew Band, Mike Ryan, Randy Rogers, Josh Abbott, Chris Colston, and Kylie Frey


Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, Cabo San Lucas, BCS

Casey Donahew’s Boots on the Beach 2023

Sunday July 9, 2023 – Thursday July 13, 2023 (Week 2)

Artist Line-up:

Josh Abbott Band, Casey Donahew, Casey Donahew Band, Mike Ryan, and Josh Abbott


Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, Cabo San Lucas, BCS

Casey Donahew’s Boots on the Beach 2023

Sunday July 30, 2023 – Thursday August 3, 2023 (Week 3)

Artist Line-up:

Randy Rogers Band, Josh Abbott Band, Casey Donahew, Casey Donahew Band, Randy Rogers, Josh Abbott, and Kylie Frey


Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, Cabo San Lucas, BCS

Big Cabo Fest

June 11-15, 2023

The Big Cabo Fest has swiftly established a reputation for producing one of Los Cabos’ most spectacular performances. The festival’s non-stop program offers attendees a range of activities besides the live performances, such as a welcome party, acoustic poolside parties, a fishing rodeo, and a golf competition.

A “boot scoot group” boat tour is also available at the event for anyone seeking an additional dose of excitement. With an open bar, a fajita meal, and entertainment from an onboard DJ, this private charter takes passengers on a sunset cruise that offers stunning views of the Arch at Land’s End and the Cabo San Lucas Bay.

2023 Artist Lineup: TBA


Hotel Riu Palace, Cabo San Lucas and Hotel Riu Palace, Baja California (conveniently close to one another in Cabo San Lucas)

While there are many music events lined up this year, Cabo has countless wonderful activities to offer in between concerts. Are you planning to go fishing or play some golf? Find information about our fishing and golf competitions in your program.

Fantastic destination, exciting venue, plus great entertainment add up to a memorable good time. See you at the festival and cantina! ¡Salud!

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