Cabo San Lucas Exotic Car Rental Options

website creator Cabo San Lucas Exotic Car Rental OptionsUnfortunately, there are no exotic car rental companies in Cabo that will rent you a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Jaguar, or Rolls-Royce. However, there are places you can rent high-end, luxury cars such as Audis, Porsches, and BMWs. 

Why not travel around in style by renting a luxury or sports car during your vacation in Cabo? Get acquainted with this paradise at your own pace and on your terms visiting all of Cabo’s beautiful areas, cozy local restaurants, or the unique stores with local fare. An additional perk of renting a car is not having to deal with cabs, rideshares, or public transportation.

If you’re looking to book a villa in Cabo, we’re here to help you arrange the type of transportation you need.  

Sports Car Rentals in Cabo San Lucas

Want to cruise Cabo San Lucas in a flashy sports car? First, you’ll need to book your vehicle from the right car rental agency in Cabo. Since there are several exotic car rentals in various locations throughout Los Cabos, that won’t be a problem. 

Enterprise Rent-A-Car 

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a large rental car provider with a vast network spread across over 8,000 international locations. They provide various transportation solutions, including car sales, truck and car rentals, and car-sharing.

Below are two top-of-the-line coupes that are part of Enterprise’s rental fleet.

Rent AUDI A5 Coupe in CaboAUDI A5 Coupe

The Audi A5 Coupe exudes superb elegance and exciting driving dynamics. Advanced technology allows you to experience sporty yet graceful driving in this luxury sports car.

Rent BMW 4 Series in CaboBMW 4 Series 

This premium-class sports coupe boasts TwinPower Turbo engines, a quick-shifting transmission, incredibly sharp handling, and the world-famous BMW engineering, making this four-passenger car a breeze to drive. 

Convertible Car Rental Cabo San Lucas 

Almost everywhere, a convertible is a symbol of wealth and social prestige. Imagine yourself driving one while you enjoy a pleasurable trip along the scenic roads and coastal highways of Cabo.

In Cabo San Lucas, you’ll find convertibles and other classes of cars in the best conditions and at reasonable prices for all types of drivers. 

National Car Rental 

National Car Rental is the go-to rental for travelers who prefer to plan their expenses. This company has earned international recognition providing rental services to regular travelers throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Asia. From low-budget compacts to high-end luxury sedans, National Car Rental has the right vehicle to meet your needs and budget.  

Alamo Car Rental 

Alamo Car Rental offers a wide selection of rental cars from the economy, mid-size to full-size cars, exotic and luxury vehicles, as well as SUVs and vans. Compared to the standard procedure, their accelerated online check-in system considerably shortens car rental processing time.

The company provides stress-free car rentals at an affordable price. This allows you to drive a great-looking vehicle without putting a dent in your budget. Some of their popular rentals include:

Rent Volkswagen Beetle Convertible in Cabo

Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

The Volkswagen Beetle is possibly one of the most recognizable compacts ever to roll out of an auto factory. While retaining most of its iconic design, the Beetle’s powerful yet fuel-efficient engine, agile handling, and comfortable interior ensure an enjoyable, quality ride.

Rent Porsche Cayman in CaboPorsche Cayman (Boxster)

The Porsche Boxster is one of the best convertibles offered for rental. It has a 300-horsepower, 2.0-liter engine, a six-speed manual transmission, and excellent handling capability.  

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