Club Campestre San Jose Golf Course Ultimate Guide

Club Campestre San Jose Golf Course Ultimate GuideIf you’re up for a challenging game while in Cabo, there’s a gem of a golf course spread across the undulating foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains just five minutes from downtown San Jose del Cabo. This local favorite, the Jack Nicklaus-designed Club Campestre San Jose Golf Course, is the focal point of a 550-acre master-planned community.

Players will admire lovely views of the Sea of Cortez from the course’s lush fairways, which have been carved out of a sloping desert landscape. Care and control is required during play due to barren and sandy wastes, large flashed-face bunkers, and sinuous arroyos cutting across the fairways. The undulating, multi-tiered greens at Campestre, which are some of Los Cabos’ most lavishly sculpted putting surfaces, are what give the golf course its genuine character.

18 championship-style golf holes are featured at Club Campestre San Jose. Since this is the first course to employ the saltwater-resistant “Paspalum” grass, its upkeep is more efficient at local latitudes and in warm desert climates. The course’s revolutionary design will keep it superbly maintained and managed throughout the year. Club Campestre provides golfers with a matchless golfing experience with breathtaking views of the beach, desert, and mountains.

Always in excellent shape, this golf course remains a local favorite and stands for the finest value in Los Cabos.

Club Campestre San Jose Hole by Hole Descriptions and Tips

Hole# 1 /Par Four / 402 YardsHandicap Rating: 3

On hole number one, it is 255 yards to the arroyo’s edge from the blue tee box. To avoid trouble off the tee, hit it shorter than that. On the right side of the fairway, aim slightly left of the bunker.

Hole# 2 /Par Three /150 Yards Handicap Rating: 17

You will often be playing into the wind on hole number two. Play for every yard shown on the scorecard. Avoid the left side of the green since shots up and down from there will be challenging.

Hole# 3 /Par Four /375 Yards Handicap Rating: 5

On hole number three, it is 220 yards from the blue tee box to the bunker on the left, and 242 yards to get beyond it. Be sure you utilize at least an additional club to account for the uphill nature of your second shot.

Hole# 4 /Par 5 /453 Yards Handicap Rating: 11

The fourth hole offers a great chance to make a birdie. You can be in on two if you carry your tee shot more than 220 yards from the blue tee box. If you play to the left, this hole will be simpler. For your approach shot, add a club.

Hole# 5 /Par 4 /305 Yards Handicap Rating: 13

Don’t be misled by the yards. This short par 4 fifth hole offers a terrific chance for a birdie if it is played effectively. A precise shot is required due to the slopes and curves of the green, which is 30 feet above the fairway after a 220-yard drive through the center. Avoid being too short or you might have to try that shot again. For your approach shot, add another club.

Hole# 6 /Par Three /144 Yards Handicap Rating: 15

Trouble lurks just next to the green. The best place to aim is to the left of the flag. Swing with confidence, and good luck.

Hole# 7 /Par Five /485 Yards Handicap Rating: 7

You will need to strike the ball 240 yards to the left of the fairway’s end and 255 yards to the right of the water from the blue tee box. You can reach the green in two shots if you go 255 yards to get over the lake. On the green side, to the left of the water, there is plenty of space to work with.

Hole# 8 /Par Four /298 Yards Handicap Rating: 1

You will need to strike the ball 150 yards in line with the middle fairway pot bunker from the blue tee box in order to avoid the first lake. About 234 yards off the black tee is the tiny bunker. Make this your goal.

Hole# 9 Par Three/192 Yards Handicap Rating: 9

To avoid the bunkers and lake on the left side, aim to the right of the green. On this hole, par remains a decent score. If you’re not ready for a ride, try to avoid being overly forceful.

Hole# 10 /Par Four/ 366 Yards /Handicap Rating: 10

It is 226 yards to the left bunkers and 245 yards to carry them from the blue tee box. The bunker towards the rear on the right side is 311 yards away. You should aim for this. For an easier putt, try to keep the ball below the hole.

Hole# 11 /Par Three /173 Yards /Handicap Rating: 6

This hole is challenging. The par-3 11th, which is 216 yards long, plays to a sizable green with false fronts on all sides and tolerates mediocre tee shots. While deciding on a course of action, the wind and bunkers might be a problem. Grab a second club for this shot since it appears closer than it is.

Hole# 12 /Par Four /370 Yards Handicap Rating: 2

Aim towards the two buildings in the back while remaining to the left. Keep to the left. In order to account for height differences, hit one additional club into the green. You have 266 yards to clear the fairway on the right from the blue tee box.

Hole# 13/Par Five /515 Yards Handicap Rating: 12

Three cross bunkers guard the landing area from the blue tee box, requiring players to lay up or carry the ball 235 yards to avoid the hazards. It is 245 yards to the two cacti on the right fairway bunker. Target these. Your approach to the green will be safer if you keep your second shot on the left side of the fairway.

Hole# 14/ Par Four /380 Yards Handicap Rating: 4

The little pot bunker on the left is 240 yards from the blue tee box. This hole’s green is elevated by 12 feet and features bunkers on either side. You will struggle to get to the green, so make sure you have enough clubs.

Hole# 15/ Par Three /160 Yards Handicap Rating: 16

Hole# 15 is another stunning hole. It is far safer to play long and to the right than short. Make sure you have a second club for the green.

Hole# 16/ Par Four /411 Yards Handicap Rating: 8

On the back nine, this fairway is the widest. Swing aggressively off the tee as you will have a simple approach shot from there; nevertheless, try to keep the ball to the left of the pin on your approach shot. The objective off the tee is to make it to the top of the mound in the center of the fairway.

Hole# 17/ Par Five/ 542 Yards Handicap Rating: 14

The longest hole on the course at 606 yards long. It is 220 yards to the small center of the deep pot bunker in the middle of the fairway from the blue tee box. Think of the fact that the arroyo is 65 yards from the center of the green as well. This green is elevated. It seems to be shorter than it is. Before making your approach shot, add a club.

Hole# 18/ Par Four/ 369 YardsHandicap Rating: 18

This hole plays to a well-defended green that is framed by the glistening Sea of Cortes after dropping to a fairway that is divided by an extended, multi-lobed waste bunker. It is 280 yards to the end of the fairway from the blue tee box. Aim for the huge cactus at the finish while playing to the right. It will be simpler if you approach the green from the right side of the fairway. Not attempting to clear the bunker off the tee will increase your chances of success.

Course Information

Days of operation: Daily

Operating Hours:

Tee times are available daily from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm. By 6:00 p.m., all carts must be off the course.

– Bookings should be made 7+ days in advance.

– The driving range is open from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.

– Golf shops are open from 7 am to 5 pm.

– To encourage social spacing, safety measures are being taken in every course. Included in this are antibacterial gel, sterilized golf carts, 15-minute interval tee times, staff temperature checking, and not removing flags.

Snacks and Dining Places

Don’t let hunger and thirst spoil an otherwise great game. The following restaurants are less than a mile from Club Campestre Golf Course.

Las Cazuelas del Don – 0.7 miles

Chambao Los Cabos – 0.9 miles

Parole Los Cabos – 0.9 miles

El Matador – 0.8 miles

El Grill Restaurant – 0.8 miles

Tee Time Rates and Rental Costs

Peak Season

November 1, 2022 – May 15, 2023

Morning Rate: $220.00 (7:00am – 11:50am)

Early Twilight Rate: $190.00 (12:00pm – 1:20pm)

Twilight Rate: $165.00 (after 1:30pm)


May 16, 2023 – June 30, 2023

Morning Rate: $190.00 (7:00am – 11:50am)

Early Twilight Rate: $175.00 (12:00pm – 1:20pm)

Twilight Rate: $150.00 (after 1:30pm)

Low Season

July 1, 2023 – October 31, 2023

Morning Rate: $160.00 (7:00am – 12:20am)

Twilight Rate: $120.00 (after 12:30pm)

All taxes are included in the rates, which are shown in USD.

Green Fee Includes: 18 holes of golf, one GPS-equipped shared golf cart each round, use of the driving range before the round, and bottled water.

Please contact us for pricing and arrangements for groups of 13 or more. Applicable service costs will be charged.

Junior Rates (15 and under, with ID) are also offered.

$35.00 fee for a ride-along (non-golfer).

All pricing and schedules are subject to change without prior notice.

Golfer Feedback

Rated Excellent in TripAdvisor, garnering 4.5 stars from 188 reviews.

View or Download Scorecard

The Club Campestre San Jose Golf Course Scorecard can be viewed here.  To view scorecards, download the 18Birdies app at Google Play or AppStore.

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