How Much Is a Private Chef in Cabo?

A Cabo vacation is the perfect opportunity to indulge, relax, and share tasty meals with your loved ones. 

But when you’re busy going on adventures and unwinding with your travel companions, you probably won’t have enough time to prepare and cook gourmet meals, let alone make special arrangements for those with dietary restrictions.

If you’d rather not deal with the hassle of meal planning and prep, why not hire a private chef

Food and luxury vacations go hand in hand, after all, so why not spoil yourself? 

Swimming pool in tropical cabo resortWhat does a Cabo private chef do? 

Our chefs offer personalized service and cater to any dietary restrictions, nutritional requirements, and preferences you may have.

A private chef in Cabo won’t just prepare and cook your daily meals, they’re also in charge of the following personalized services:

  • They’ll create a custom menu that takes into account the different preferences of your guests.
  • They’ll shop everyday to make sure the food is prepared using the freshest ingredients available in the area.
  • They’ll prepare, cook, and serve your chosen meal by using the kitchen equipment and tools in your vacation home or rental.
  • If you have no idea what kind of dishes you want, they can recommend some of the most popular local cuisines to give you a better insight into the tastes and traditions that shaped the area’s culinary offerings.
  • They’ll also clean up after every meal.

Why hire a private chef in Cabo?

Here are some of the top reasons to hire a private chef while you’re vacationing in Cabo:

  • They’ll simplify your grocery shopping. A private chef isn’t just responsible for cooking and serving meals. They’ll also take care of the entire process—including meal planning and shopping for fresh ingredients. 
  • They offer personalized service. No matter what special dietary needs you may have, they can work with you to ensure you and your guests are satisfied.
  • They can cook for large groups of people. One of the most inconvenient things to deal with while you’re on vacation is cooking for a large group of people. It’s very tiring and time-consuming. With a private chef, you can just sit back and enjoy the fantastic view of the city while you’re waiting for your meals to be served.
  • You don’t need to rush into a grocery store everyday or worry about what you can whip up with the ingredients you have on hand.

Skip the grocery store on your next Cabo trip and enjoy the luxury of being served in the comfort of your own Villa. 

What are the service rates and fees of Cabo private chefs?

In Cabo, you’ll find two different types of private chefs. The first one is a Cabo Chef who can prepare and cook basic meals such as eggs or bacon for breakfast. They can also BBQ any fish that you catch during your fishing trip. 

If you’re looking for a professional who can prepare meals from scratch and are well-versed and skilled with different cuisine types, an Elite Chef is your best bet. They’re true artists who can make mouthwatering and unforgettable culinary masterpieces.

The figures listed below only include service rates. Ingredients are paid for separately.








Start Planning Your Luxury Cabo Getaway Today

For a completely relaxing getaway, hire a private chef and get sumptuous meals while you’re staying in Mexico’s top resort destination. 

We also offer in-villa services such as gourmet chefs and butler services, plus a dedicated 24-hour concierge team, ready to make your holiday extra-satisfying.

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