Puerto Los Cabos Golf Club

Puerto Los Cabos Golf ClubWe bet you’ve never played golf this exciting. Come see for yourself.

Three championship courses make up Puerto Los Cabos Golf Club. They were designed by golf icons Greg Norman and Jack Nicklaus. The resort is located within a 2,000-acre master-planned community on the East Cape, just a short 10-minute drive away from the historic downtown area of San Jose del Cabo.

The courses are laid out on the rolling desert foothills above the Sea of Cortez. Stunning views of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains rise in the background. From the course, golfers can admire the rare and striking combination of pristine coastline and beautiful desert terrain only be found on the Baja Peninsula.

Course Description

Mission Course

Designed by Greg Norman, the Mission Course is a par-36, 3,590-yard course with more than 400 feet of elevation changes. Starting in the desert foothills, the course takes golfers on a stunning ride towards the Sea of Cortez, showcasing some of the most beautiful oceanfront golf scenery on the seventh hole. With its large bunkers that flank the fairways and protect the greens, the layout showcases Norman’s admiration for Australia’s classic Sandbelt courses.

In November 2022, Jack Nicklaus redesigned the existing 18-hole Signature Course, creating two new nines: the Ocean and Vista.

Ocean Course

The Ocean Course spans 3,576 yards and has a par-36, beginning with a links-style opening hole that offers golfers a view of the Sea of Cortez, framed by dunes in the distance. Holes #2-4 weave through the resort area before leading down to the Sea of Cortez, where golfers can enjoy the 5th and 6th oceanfront holes, which are naturally formed into the shoreline.

Vista Course

Jack Nicklaus’ signature design, the Vista Course, spans 3,623 yards and has a par-36. It is widely regarded as the favorite among golfers in Los Cabos, thanks to its stunning views, including a unique view of the valley below from Hole 7. The course features vast sculpted bunkers, artfully contoured greens, and exciting shifts in elevation that add to its charm. The course starts in the foothills and gradually rises with Holes 1-3, culminating in a spectacular view of the Sea of Cortez on Hole 4. The course finishes with Hole 9, which is considered one of the best finishing holes in Mexico.

Remarkably, all 27 holes at Puerto Los Cabos offer golfers expansive panoramic views of the coastline and Sea of Cortez.

Puerto Los Cabos Golf Club also provides the following range of services and amenities:

  • Driving ranges
  • Professional instruction
  • Practice facilities
  • Pro shop
  • Men’s and women’s locker areas
  • Pro shop
  • Lounges and restaurants with panoramic views of the golf courses.
  • Meeting facilities

The course opens at 8:30 am.

Hours and Course Information:

Tee times begin every day at 7:00 am. Before 6:00 pm, all carts must be off the course.

Reservations must be booked at least seven days in advance.

The operating hours for golf shops are 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. The driving range is accessible from 7:30 am until 4:00 pm.

Hole Highlights

Hole 1 (Mountain) Par 4

This short par four features a wide fairway and gives golfers the option to leave a shot of roughly 150 yards to get to a long, narrow, and inclined green that is sandwiched between two bunkers. Longer drives may leave a shorter and maybe better-angled approach to the rolling green, but they must negotiate several strategically positioned bunkers spread across the course.

Hole 2 Par 4

This downhill par four is broader on the right side than it appears from the tee.  There are hazards on the left’s entire side.  A strong drive that avoids the bunkers will offer a very simple approach to a sizable green with slight undulation.

Hole 3 Par 3

The bunker on the right side of this rather lengthy par three with an ocean vista is the key obstacle to be avoided.  If it is avoided, there is leeway to miss short and left on the somewhat flat green.

Hole 4 Par 5

Set at the highest point of the land, this par five course weaves its way around two reservoirs. Although it is simpler to play the drive to the left, a well-executed play over the middle bunkers can greatly shorten the approach to the putting green. A lake lies threateningly to the right and bunkers on either side surround the long, narrow green.

Hole 5 (Nicklaus II) 393 Yards

The 5th hole on the Nicklaus II nine demonstrates significant changes in elevation perfectly, with a stunning drop from the tee to the green. This hole doesn’t feature any fairway bunkers, but its sides are flanked by indigenous desert sand and foliage that golfers should avoid.

The fairway plummets before ascending back uphill to the green, which is guarded by a solitary bunker that comes into play when players miscalculate the elevation during their approach shot. A long drive here would leave you with a simple wedge shot to the green, and a chance to score a birdie. Don’t hold back. Unleash your full swing to take a stroke off Old Man Par.

Hole 6 (Norman) 213 Yards

The green lies two clubs below, and it’s safeguarded by five bunkers surrounding the putting surface, as well as two more to the right of the green, ready to consume any balls that attempt to avoid the flag. The breathtaking ocean vista may distract you from the green’s subtleties, such as the ridge situated directly behind the central bunker, which will channel balls to the right or left tier. If you end up on the wrong tier, you’ll have your work cut out trying to two-putt. It’s a thrilling hole that merits a photo, a perfect Kodak moment.

Hole 6 (Nicklaus II) 369 Yard Par 4

This hole features a short dogleg left with a shallow ravine on the inside of the bend. Playing it safe with a shot up the right side of the fairway will require a 7 or 8 iron into the green. However, if you’re not one to play it safe, a shot over the several bunkers protecting the left side of the fairway will result in a short chip to the green with a club you can easily score with.

The far side of the fairway slopes uphill, so even if you hit further than planned off the tee, the terrain will work in your favor and bring you back from the rough ground, assuming you don’t take too conservative of a line.

Hole 7 (Norman) 623 Yards

The lengthy seventh hole features a peak tee with spectacular vistas of the ocean and nearly 600 yards to travel before reaching the green. The best line is to draw away from the peninsula in the distance, which will send the ball sliding far downhill before the fairway turns left directly into the water. If the hole’s length wasn’t enough to prevent you from getting to the green in two strokes, then the putting surface’s bunker protection will.

The elevated green has bunkers on both sides, but the right side is particularly hazardous because there are three waiting deep sand pits. There is a narrow gap in the front left corner, but to put a ball in there from more than 250 yards away, you’d need the same dexterity it takes to thread a needle.

Hole 8 (Norman) 459 Yard Par 4

This hole presents players with a daunting tee shot, as a desert island in the center of the fairway and bunkers and obstacles on both sides make accuracy essential. To make matters worse, there is a wash running across the fairway that must also be navigated en route to the 459-yard green. Given all of these obstacles, hitting the green in regulation can be quite an accomplishment, and anything less can quickly turn into a disaster. The best strategy is to limit the damage and move forward.

Hole 9 (Nicklaus II) 546 Yard Par 5

The final hole boasts stunning ocean views and exhilarating terrain. Your tee shot appears to soar for an eternity before descending sharply from the elevated tee box onto a fairway devoid of bunkers. After a dogleg to the right, the fairway crosses over a pond, with the back of the green hugging the water’s edge. The downhill slope of the terrain makes it possible to reach the green in two, creating an exciting opportunity to finish with a birdie.

Hole 10 Par 5

The current Hole 10 is expected to be relocated in the final course layout. The tee shot for this uphill par five is one of the narrowest on the course, and success in reaching the green in two largely depends on a well-executed shot from the tee. The green is located uphill and is protected by an enormous bunker located in front of it.

Hole 12 Par 5

For Hole 12, although there are magnificent views to the right, it is not advisable to hit the ball in that direction. Due to its length, it is best to approach this long par five as a three-shot hole, prioritizing direction over distance. The green is set at an angle and is situated in a unique natural hollow, which is an unusual and distinctive feature of the course.

Hole 13

Even if it seems a little out of place, the man-made lake to the left is still in play.  The second shot presents a challenge due to the angled green, which is a signature Nicklaus design.

Hole 14 Par 5

This lengthy par five turns right. There is a ton of room off the tee, but moving into the desert on the right allows the player a chance to hit the green in two or leave a chip by traversing the desert wash in two shots.  However, due to the green’s placement between dunes, approach shots must be precise.

Meals and Refreshment

Culinary Palapas are open for all golfing guests, where they can indulge in a hot meal and their favorite cocktail served by a bartender and chef, respectively. These Palapas can be visited four times during a round of golf, and the green fee includes this experience. To make every visit special, the food menu is updated every two weeks.

As golfers play through the Greg Norman Front Nine, they can take a break at Shark’s Cove to savor made-to-order entrees like tacos, sliders, and fresh seafood, paying tribute to the Great White Shark. On the Jack Nicklaus Back Nine, golfers can stop by the Bear’s Den and relish some of the Golden Bear’s preferred Baja cuisine.

Tee Time Rates and Rental Costs

Golfers can tee off starting at 7:00 am every day, and all carts must be removed from the course by 6:00 pm. To secure a spot, reservations must be made at least a week in advance. Golf shops will be operational from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, while the driving range will be open from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.


11/01/22 – 05/15/23

Three Rounds: $863.00 per person

Two Rounds: $613.00 per person


05/16/23 – 06/30/23

Three Rounds: $750.00 per person

Two Rounds: $538.00 per person


07/01/23 – 10/31/23

Three Rounds: $619.00 per person

Two Rounds: $450 per person


The rates for the following dates are as follows:

From November 1, 2022 to May 15, 2023:

– Morning rate (7:00 am – 11:50 am): $350.00

– Early Twilight rate (12:00 pm – 1:20 pm): $295.00

– Twilight rate (after 1:30 pm): $270.00


From May 16, 2023 to June 30, 2023:

– Morning rate (7:00am – 11:50am): $310.00

– Early Twilight rate (12:00 pm – 1:20 pm): $265.00

– Twilight rate (after 1:30 pm): $240.00


From July 1, 2023 to October 31, 2023:

– Morning rate (7:00 am – 12:20 pm): $260.00

– Twilight rate (after 12:30 pm): $200.00

Puerto Los Cabos Golf Club will always have 18 holes available and in good condition. Prices and twilight schedules are subject to change.

All rates include food and drinks, a green fee, a shared golf cart, a GPS, access to the range, bottled water, and taxes.

The clubhouse or golf course is off-limits to those who bring their food or drinks. Food and drink introduction by a player or group will result in a $50.00 per player fine. You must buy drinks and food on the course.

For $100 per hour, line instruction is available. There must be two instructors for groups with more than 20 participants.

Please get in touch with us for costs and arrangements involving groups of 13 or more.

Junior rates (for 15 and under with ID) are available.

Non-golfers can ride along for $45.

The green fee covers 18 holes of golf, one shared GPS golf cart per round, use of the driving range before the round, and all-inclusive food and beverages (alcohol included).

Please be aware that rates and twilight operating hours are subject to change without notice.

Golf Club Rental Rates

You can rent TaylorMade golf clubs for $55.00, which includes the woods r11 and Irons 2.0 burner. Alternatively, you can rent the TaylorMade burner alone for $40.00.

Golfer Feedback

Excellent rating on TripAdvisor, earning 4.5 stars from 410 reviews.

View or Download Scorecard

To view scorecards, download the 18Birdies app at the AppStore or Google Play. View the Puerto Los Cabos Golf Club Scorecard here.

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