What Is The Safest Way To Get Around Cabo San Lucas?

Cabo San LucasThere are tons to see and do in Cabo San Lucas that you’ll probably be out a lot during your stay. Yet you sometimes hear worrying advice about this side of Mexico, like avoid public transport, don’t walk the streets by yourself, cling to your bags, and more. Some warnings are a little exaggerated, because Cabo San Lucas is generally safe for tourists who wish to explore.

Still, you don’t want to invite danger. How do you get around the city while staying safe? Let’s examine some modes of transportation in Cabo.

Is It Safe To Walk Around In Cabo San Lucas?

Yes, you can walk around safely in Cabo San Lucas, especially during daytime and in the neighborhood of your hotel or villa. Lots of tourists actually do this. You may have heard that there are pickpockets in Cabo, and while that’s not completely untrue, it doesn’t take more than common sense to keep your belongings safe. Practice the same safety precautions you would in your own city, and you should be fine strolling in the sunshine.

What Are Buses Like In Cabo San Lucas?

Taking a public bus in Cabo is cheap and provides some level of safety. Of course, only take a bus if you know its route and your stop. There are bus lines serving within Cabo San Lucas itself, as well as intercity and interstate buses.

For a safer and more convenient alternative, opt for the shuttle provided by your hotel or resort, if any. You should be able to arrange trips with your concierge.

Are Taxis Safe In Cabo?

In a word, yes. Taxicabs are very common in Cabo San Lucas, with many tourists using them at any time of day. The one thing you need to know about Cabo taxis is that they don’t use meters. Before you get in a cab, ask the cabbie how much they’d charge for where you’re going. Taxi rates are usually negotiable.

Is it safe to take a taxi from the airport in Cabo? Yes, but you have to be smart about which cab to take. At the arrival area, you’ll be greeted by dozens of salespeople offering all sorts of things like tour packages and ‘free taxi’. Some of those aren’t exactly trustworthy. Best to ignore all of them, go straight outside, and hail a cab whose driver is inside or waiting by the car.

Are Ubers Safe In Cabo?

Rideshare networks like Uber and Lyft operate in Cabo San Lucas, but they are still very new. So far, there have been cases where travellers were inconvenienced during their trip due to traffic stop issues (mostly about licensing) and the animosity between Ubers and taxis. If you are in an area with lots of taxis, the cab drivers might not hide their disdain at an Uber picking you up! Other than that, ridesharing is safe and relatively affordable in Cabo.

What Are Private Transportation Options In Cabo?

Private vehicles are our pick for the safest way to get around in Cabo San Lucas. You can easily rent a car, as there are numerous rental companies throughout the peninsula. Read the pricing carefully, as it may entail taxes and insurance. Most likely, your car insurance policy from back home will not cover you in Mexico, so be sure to take into account your car rental insurance.

Another option is to arrange for private service with your Cabo travel agency, or with the villa you’re staying at. When you book your accommodations with us at Come to Cabo, you can additionally book private transport like airport transfers, activity transfers, private drivers, or even a golf cart.

Exploring Cabo San Lucas can be pleasant, budget-friendly, and safe. Remember, no matter where you go – whether in Cabo or somewhere else – basic safety behaviors can help protect you, such as keeping an eye on your belongings, being attentive to your surroundings, and trusting your instincts. Bring these common precautions in Cabo and you’ll be able to enjoy your stay safely.